10 Indian Marriage Myths That Are Funny And Superstitious

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Indian weddings are culturally rich and have so many traditions and values attached to them; that set them at par with other weddings. With pompous celebrations and feasts, Indian Marriages are worth attending. While Indian weddings are known to be  rich in culture, they are also known for some superstitions that crack us up at times. And if you also want to be acquainted with some Indian marriage myths, we have created a list for you. 

Believe It or not, these marriage myths exist, and  are followed widely in weddings across India. Read on to know more about them. 

Funny And Superstitious Indian Marriage Myths To Know About  

  1. Lizards Are Bad luck: As most of us know, Lizards are independent creatures and  spotted at any time anywhere. You cannot bring  a lizard and put it on the wall; it randomly appears, and hence it's best to  remain  unbothered about  it. However, when it comes to Indian weddings, if the couple gets to see a lizard before marriage, it is considered a bad fortune. We don't know how relevant that is, but this myth is surely superstitious and hilarious.
  1. Darker The Henna Colour, Better The Love Life: In Indian weddings, brides apply Mehendi (Henna) on their hands and engrave the name of their soon-to-be groom on their palms. The intricate design and the fine detailing make Henna look very pretty, but as per our mother, grandmothers, and other ladies, the darker the color of Henna, the better will be the marriage life. As preposterous it sounds, this Indian marriage myth is followed religiously by brides across Indian weddings. It is also said that the longer henna lasts in the bride's hands, the more love she would receive from her in-laws.  However, if your Mehendi is not as dark as it is supposed to be, no need to be  disheartened because the color of your Mehendi can never define your marriage. 
  1. Rains Are Considered Auspicious: Well, monsoons are magical, and one cannot deny that. The sound of the rain is not only music to hear but is also a sight to behold. However, unwanted rain showers  are the worst, especially if it pours heavily on your wedding day. Imagine getting all ready and then having a fear of getting drenched sound’s not so pleasant, right? Well, in some Indian weddings, this situation is considered as good luck.  People believe that rain on your wedding day can give you a healthy, long and happy married life.
  1. Breaking The Mirror: Among all the marriage myths , this one has to be our favorite. As per this Indian marriage myth, if the bride or someone in her family breaks the mirror by mistake on the wedding day, it's considered a bad omen. However, the mirror is made of glass, and it can be broken easily, so we don't think one should take this myth seriously. 
  1. Lending Wedding Outfits Is Bad: Wedding outfits, especially the bridal ones, are expensive and  usually worn by the bride only once. However, if the bride wants, she can always give her outfits to her friend and cousin.  As per the Indian marriage myth, a bride transfers her happiness and marriage luck to the borrower by lending her wedding attire to anyone. And we feel that this myth in Indian weddings is not only superstitious but is funny too. 
  1. Spiling Of The Milk: Indian weddings are always chaotic - especially the household where the wedding takes place is always filled with people. And with all that hustling, it is always possible that something or someone will spill or fall. However, in Indian marriage, spilling milk at the bride's house is considered a bad omen. It's said that if the boiling milk spills at the bride's home, it will bring her bad luck. Yep, hence, many families are careful with the milk during the wedding. However, we feel that this is just another Indian marriage myth, and shouldn't take that seriously. 
  1. Metal Helps With Evil Spirits: In several Indian weddings, it's believed that if the bride carries a metal along with her to the wedding, she will be safe from all the evil spirits. Well, it is funny because the bride is already carrying so much, and now with this, one will make things difficult for the bride and nothing else.
  1. A BIG No To Black And White Outfits: In Indian marriage, brides are seen wearing bright colors at their wedding since that is supposed to bring them luck and joy. While black and white colors are considered inauspicious, several modern brides today are shattering this Indian marriage myth, and we are super happy about it. 
  1. Right Foot First: Everyone hears this age-old Indian marriage myth. It is said that the bride should enter her new house by keeping her right foot first, since that brings peace and luck to her new home. However, we don't quite understand the sense and logic behind this marriage myth.
  1. Black Cat Is Good Luck: As per popular beliefs, a black cat is considered inauspicious by many. However, in Indian weddings, if a couple spots a black cat on their D-day, they will lead a happy married life. It is so because the black cat brings good fate and blessings for the couple. Well, black or white, cats are adorable. 

Well, these are some superstitious yet funny Indian marriage myths. People across India follow several such things. However, we believe that nothing can break the bond and love two lovebirds share, and it is always better to believe in your relationship instead of believing in such Indian marriage myths. 

On that note, if you have heard of such funny things and want to share them  with us, then do write about them in the comments below. 

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