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Dream Banquet

5 (6 users)

AG Colony, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Celebrations Banquet Hall

5 (16 users)

Phulwari Sharif, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Rishidev Banquet Hall

5 (34 users)

Mahavir Nagar, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Minavan Banquet & Resort

5 (1 users)

Kurthoul, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Radhesh Banquet

5 (7 users)

Kumhrar, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Mansa Benquet Hall Mithapur

5 (2 users)

Gardanibagh, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Aarti Banquet

4.9 (61 users)

Bhogipur, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

DPL Business Centre

4.9 (9 users)

Anandpuri, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Shree Shidhi Vinayak Utsav Hall

4.8 (5 users)

Anisabad, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Palm Marriage Garden

4.8 (832 users)

Phulwari Sharif, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Hotel Jharokha Banquets & Conferance Hall

4.7 (66 users)

Ramkrishan Nagar, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Royal Opera house academy

4.7 (55 users)

Patliputra Colony, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100


4.7 (9 users)

Rukanpura, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Hotel Vista Palace

4.7 (313 users)

Buddha Colony, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Aanjaneya vivah Mandap

4.7 (25 users)

Danapur, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Rajmahal Marriage Garden

4.6 (856 users)

Rukanpura, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Saajan Milan Banquet Hall

4.6 (9 users)

Kumhrar, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

The Red Velvet Hotel Samarpan

4.6 (1254 users)

Kidwaipuri, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

ANMOL Bandhan Banquet Hall

4.6 (76 users)

Danapur Nizamat, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Dipali Tent House

4.6 (30 users)

Indrapuri, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100


4.6 (229 users)

Chhoti Pahari, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

The Patna Palace Banquet

4.6 (126 users)

Lodipur, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Shradha Milan Mandir Marriage Hall

4.5 (106 users)

Ramkrishan Nagar, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100


4.5 (262 users)

crossing, Patna

Per plate ₹200+
50 - 100

Marriages in Patna, the capital city of Bihar, are celebrated with great mirth surrounded by fun-filled events. Most wedding in the city typically follows Bihari traditions but some modern-day trends are equally acceptable. With the variety of rituals and multiple pre & post-wedding events, people always welcome the variety of options for wedding venues in Patna. 

The marriage halls in Patna are popular choices for hosting wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other social events. Be it community halls, farmhouses, hotels, resorts, or restaurants, you can find all these types of wedding venues in Patna at competitive rates. But finalising a perfect marriage hall in Patna is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things taken into consideration before finalising a venue and knowing all your options beforehand always helps. We know the struggle but you are safe with this segregated list of wedding hall options and correct guidelines to get the best wedding venue for your special day. Keep reading to know more.

Types of Wedding Venues in Patna

From swanky farmhouses to community halls for weddings, Patna has it all. However, it all depends on the availability, capacity, budget, and your requirements. Most wedding venues in Patna generally come with amenities like catering services, decorations, and audio-visual facilities. Here is a listing of all types of wedding venues in Patna. Envision your wedding, have a look and define your type of venue for the big day.

  • Banquet halls in Patna
  • Destination wedding in Patna
  • Wedding Hotels in Patna
  • Luxury wedding venues in Patna
  • Wedding resorts in Patna
  • Temple wedding venues in Patna
  • Heritage wedding venues in Patna
  • Kalyana Mandapams in Patna

Explore all Kinds of Venue Spaces in Patna

The venue space for a wedding totally depends on how you’ve envisioned your big day. Anything from dreamy lawns to luxury hotels can make it beautiful as long as the ambience resonates with your personality and the theme of the wedding. Meanwhile, do not forget to consider factors like the capacity of the venue, location, amenities provided, parking facilities, and the overall ambience while choosing a wedding venue in Patna. 

  • Outdoor wedding venues in Patna
  • Poolside wedding venues in Patna
  • Indoor Wedding Venues in Patna 
  • Rooftop wedding venues in Patna

Tips to Find the Best Wedding Venue in Patna

It’s great that Patna has many options in wedding venues to choose from. But the same condition makes it fairly difficult for people to find the exact right location for their wedding. Several enthralling and equally captivating venues with little or no amenities can easily stall you 

Define Your Vision

Begin by picturing the ideal wedding day for you. Anything is acceptable as long as preparations are made, whether it's a stunning seashore wedding location or a royal hotel suite with 5-star amenities. This will enable you to focus your search and select the wedding locations that best suit your style and needs.

Consider Capacity and Guest Count

Think about the area you might need for your wedding and its capacity. Make your guest list early. The next step is to check only the Patna wedding venues that can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. If you're planning to stay overnight at the venue, in addition to the number of halls, you should also look for accommodation facilities.

Location and accessibility

To make it convenient for your guests to travel, look for wedding venues in Patna close by or consider sites that are situated close to the city core. Additionally, the ideal location will guarantee that you always have the best possible access to all of the wedding necessities.

Considerations for Your Budget and Affordability

Establish your spending limit and whittle down the categories of venues that fit inside it. As the total cost of the wedding will almost certainly exceed your budget, try to stay within it. When selecting a wedding venue on a tight budget, don't forget to account for unexpected costs.

Availability and Booking

Check with the vendor to see if your ideal wedding location is available on the date of your event. If so, you must make reservations as soon as possible to avoid any problems at the last minute. 

Venue Features, Amenities, and Services

Before choosing a wedding venue in Patna for your big day, be aware of the venue's features and services, such as the sound system, stage decor, numerous space alternatives, lighting, catering customizations, free changing rooms, etc.

Plan site visits

Physically inspecting the venue facilities is essential, regardless of how much you study and read about them online. Therefore, be sure to set aside some time to visit your Patna wedding location and take other factors into account, such as appropriate decor and the best banquet halls.

Reviews and recommendations

You shouldn't choose the Patna wedding venue without thoroughly vetting its reviews, ratings, and recommendations. Consider what previous guests have to say about their experiences at the wedding venues before making a decision. While a wedding is taking place in their hotel, you are welcome to visit this wedding location with permission. You'll have better clarity as a result.

Flexibility and customization possibilities

Pay attention, people. Even if you pick the best wedding venue in Patna, you will definitely need them to make some adjustments and customizations in specific circumstances. Make sure the venue staff is accommodating for that and willing to make minor adjustments if necessary.

Vendor regulations and limits

Depending on each venue's requirements, the regulations and limits may vary. Some of these rules may even prevent you from performing certain wedding ceremonies. For instance, a lot of wedding venues in Patna do not allow hawans entirely on the premises of the venues. Some of them lack lodging options, catering options, etc. Even alcohol consumption and late-night music are frequently prohibited in wedding venues. So, be aware of your priorities before choosing a location.

Comfort of Oneself and Guests

The last step is to make sure that you and your guests are both comfortable at the location. Get yourself a wonderfully pleasant venue in Patna for the wedding by keeping an eye on the amenities available, employee attitude, and hospitality records. 

Venue listings as Per Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies

Once you have shortlisted the potential venues the next job is to make a list of your wedding rituals and decide what are your requirements from the wedding venue in Patna during those rituals. Your preferences might vary depending on the ceremonies. So, go through these great options to ensure your wedding ambience has a personalised touch in each of the rituals.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Mehndi Ceremony
  • Sangeet Ceremony
  • Haldi Ceremony
  • Tilak Ceremony

Post-Wedding Ceremonies

  • Reception
  • Post-Wedding Brunch
  • Farewell Dinner
  • After-Party

Wedding Services and Amenities You Shouldn’t Miss

Throughout the event, attendees are provided with convenience and comfort by services and amenities including comfortable seating, climate control, beautiful design, lighting options, clean restrooms, etc. This makes certain that no one will be uncomfortable or impeded from fully enjoying the festivities. For a pleasurable experience, look for the amenities and services listed below.

  • In-House Catering
  • Event Coordination
  • Bridal Suites
  • Audiovisual Equipment
  • Parking and Valet Services
  • A/V Technicians
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • Venue Cleanup and Setup
  • Wedding Cake Services
  • Bar Services
  • Lighting and Special Effects
  • Entertainment Arrangements
  • Accommodation Recommendations
  • Guest Transportation

Choose the Nearest Wedding Venue in Patna 

The couple and their guests must leave with a lasting memory of a memorable venue. The greatest wedding location in Patna frequently comes with access to a large choice of regional suppliers and services, including caterers, florists, photographers, and event planners. As a result, there will be more alternatives available to the couple and the wedding planning process will be streamlined. In order to make the work easier for you, we have categorised wedding venues by location. Consider this:

  • Wedding Venues in Rukanpura
  • Wedding Venues in Danapur
  • Wedding Venues in Fraser Road Area
  • Wedding Venues in Bakarganj
  • Wedding Venues in Patliputra Colony
  • Wedding Venues in Rajendra Nagar
  • Wedding Venues in Kankarbagh
  • Wedding Venues in Ramkrishan Nagar

Additional Services

Apart from helping you find the best wedding venues in Patna, we also offer assistance in finding competitive wedding decorators and photographers in Patna. Know more about our additional services here. 

Wedding Decorators in Patna

Wedding Photography in Patna