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Deventure Sarovar Portico


Kapashera, Delhi

Per plate ₹1000+
400 - 450
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Aya Nagar, Delhi

Per plate ₹2000+
50 - 1500
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Goldfinch Hotel Delhi NCR



Per plate ₹1800+
200 - 250
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Sarovar Hotel Plaza


Shahdara, Delhi

Per plate ₹1000+
100 - 150
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Glitz Westend Inn Hotel, Banquet Hall


Rangpuri, New Delhi, Delhi, Delhi

Per plate ₹2500+
100 - 750
Budget Friendly
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Royal green garden, party lawn


Uttam Nagar, Delhi

Per plate ₹800+
300 - 450
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Lagoona Emerald



Per plate ₹1150+
100 - 500
Budget Friendly
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MK Garden


Chhatarpur, Delhi

Per plate ₹800+
1000 - 1500
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The Muse Sarovar Portico

4.1 (2054 users)

Nehru Place, Delhi

Per plate ₹1400+
55 - 80
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The Ashtan Sarovar Portico

4 (1685 users)

Green Park, Delhi

Per plate ₹800+
40 - 100
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Sarovar Portico

3.9 (1732 users)

Naraina, Delhi

Per plate ₹1050+
80 - 100
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Taurus Sarovar Portico Hotel, New Delhi

3.8 (3328 users)

Mahipalpur, Delhi

Per plate ₹1800+
100 - 600

Hotel Aiwan E Shahi

4.1 (469 users)

Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Per plate ₹650+
50 - 80

The Ic s Hotel

4.1 (454 users)

Okhla, Delhi

Per plate ₹550+
75 - 150

Yadav Bhawan

3.8 (280 users)

Dwarka, Delhi

Per plate ₹600+
150 - 200

Shokeen Kuteer

5 (8 users)

Chhawla, Delhi

Per plate ₹500+
400 - 800

Pavitra Grand Banquet

5 (2 users)

Dwarka, Delhi

Per plate ₹800+
600 - 800

The Jehan

5 (1 users)

Gt Karnal Road, Delhi

Per plate ₹2150+
35 - 2500

Kapil Party Hall

5 (1 users)

Rohini West, Delhi

Per plate ₹600+
125 - 200

Shri Krishna Vatika

5 (4 users)

Najafgarh, Delhi

Per plate ₹600+
1000 - 2000

Suryadev Motel & Resort

4.9 (7 users)

Gt Karnal Road, Delhi

Per plate ₹2000+
300 - 750

Araya Bagh

4.9 (15 users)

Ghitorni, Delhi

Per plate ₹3345+
150 - 1500

Hotel Meridian Plaza

4.8 (4 users)

Greater Kailash, Delhi

Per plate ₹800+
50 - 80

Shri Shyam Vatika

4.8 (4 users)

Dwarka, Delhi

Per plate ₹400+
2000 - 5000

One of the primary reasons people get impressed with Delhi NCR’s grand wedding culture is the way it combines modernity and tradition. The city is a paradise for couples who are seeking a memorable and enchanting experience at their wedding. With a plethora of wedding venues in Delhi NCR, the city has something for every couple's unique taste and style. 

From opulent banquet halls with elegant designs and luxurious decor to sprawling outdoor wedding halls in Delhi NCR with breathtaking views, you can choose from an impressive array of options to make your dream wedding a reality. Let’s understand more about venues in Delhi NCR, their types, how to select the best one and much more.

Discover Diverse Wedding Locations in Delhi NCR

With serene farmhouses, banquet halls, heritage venues like palaces, historical forts, and many more, Delhi NCR has numerous venue options to choose from based on your requirements. You might find it hard to select a perfect wedding venue in Delhi NCR because of the availability of numerous options. So, here are some of the most popular venue types in Delhi NCR to select from:

  • Banquet Halls in Delhi NCR
  • Destination Wedding in Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Hotels in Delhi NCR
  • Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Resorts in Delhi NCR
  • Temple Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
  • Heritage Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

When you are clear about your requirements and preferences, you will find a marriage venue in Delhi NCR to tie the knot. Because the beautiful venues in Delhi NCR will never disappoint you on your special day.

Find the Best Wedding Venue Spaces

It is a dream for people to have the perfect wedding of their dreams. Most of us want to have a unique wedding that stands out from the rest. Some want to get married a certain number of feet above the ground with breathtaking views. Meanwhile, some couples love to tie knots in an open area where there is no shortage of breezy winds. We have the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR that can meet your requirements.

  • Outdoor Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
  • Poolside Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
  • Indoor Venues in Delhi NCR
  • Rooftop Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Take your time to explore the various options available and select a wedding venue that matches all your requirements. 

Discover Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Places in Delhi NCR

Finding a suitable venue for your wedding is the most difficult task for couples. Because a venue is something where we can witness our dreams becoming reality. So the venue has to meet certain requirements for a successful outcome of your event. To help you find the best wedding hall in Delhi NCR, we have listed some insightful tips for you. When looking for the best wedding venue, consider the following tips to find the perfect location for your special day:

Define Your Wedding Vision - Having a clear vision of your requirements is the best way to find a suitable venue for your wedding. Create a list of your preferences and requirements like venue space, types, amenities, etc. that you are looking for in a venue. Book a wedding venue that ticks all the boxes on your list. 

Consider Capacity and Guest Count - Creating a guest list will give you an idea of the number of people attending your function. This will help you narrow down the marriage halls in Delhi NCR based on capacity. 

Location and Accessibility - An important factor to consider while selecting a wedding venue is the easy accessibility of the location. Because you don’t want your guests to be exhausted from travelling. 

Budget Considerations and Affordability - Having a budget plan will help you avoid unnecessary expenses at the last minute. You can find wedding venues within your budget. 

Availability and Booking - You should book a venue as soon as your wedding is fixed. Because most of the venues get booked early. In addition, you also need to check the availability of the venues on your auspicious wedding date. 

Venue Features, Amenities, and Services - While booking a venue, consider the services provided by the venue management like in-house vendors for catering, decoration and much more. This will help you save time and money in finding separate vendors for all the services. In addition, it is also important to check the amenities in a venue like accommodation, changing rooms, etc. 

Schedule Venue Visits - Checking the venue in person will help you avoid uncertain situations at the last minute. You might have checked the venue online or someone might have recommended it. In such cases, visiting the venue will help you understand whether the place is fulfilling your requirements or not. 

Reviews and Recommendations - Checking the venue’s reviews is one of the best ways to understand their way of working and handling clients. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family circle, this will help you find the best wedding venues. 

Flexibility and Customization Options - Discuss with the venue management for customization options regarding the decors and other services. You can also discuss with them their flexibility in bringing outside vendors for your function. 

Vendor Policies and Restrictions - Carefully review the wedding venue's policies regarding vendors to ensure they align with your wedding plans and preferences. Check for any restrictions in bringing outside vendors of your choice that may impact your event.

Self-Care and Guest Comfort - While considering all these factors, don’t forget that you are hosting this function to celebrate with your loved ones. For that to happen, you need to take care of yourself by taking a small break from the wedding stress. Also don’t forget your guest’s comfort. 

By considering these factors and following these tips, you can select the best wedding venue in Delhi NCR that suits your style, budget, and guest count, ultimately creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

Wedding Services and Amenities

While selecting a wedding venue, it is also important to consider the services and amenities provided. Sometimes it's hard to find vendors for your wedding requirements. It is advisable to select a venue that also provides the services you need. Some of the common services and amenities to consider while selecting a wedding venue includes:

  • In-House Catering
  • Event Coordination
  • Bridal Suites
  • Audiovisual Equipment
  • Parking and Valet Services
  • A/V Technicians
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • Venue Cleanup and Setup
  • Wedding Cake Services
  • Bar Services
  • Lighting and Special Effects
  • Entertainment Arrangements
  • Accommodation Recommendations
  • Guest Transportation

Unforgettable Pre-Wedding Gatherings Await at Our Enchanting Marriage Venues in Delhi

Weddings in Delhi NCR usually take place for several days. Mostly, people will host the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies in a single place. But some couples will make it unique and memorable by hosting each ceremony in different venues. Explore the different venues that are suitable for each ceremony of your special day. 

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies:

Engagement Ceremony
Mehndi Ceremony
Sangeet Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony
Tilak Ceremony

Post-Wedding Ceremonies:

Post-Wedding Brunch
Farewell Dinner

Discover Delhi Wedding Venues by Localities

It is important to consider the venue’s location while choosing a place for your wedding. Because it has to be easily accessible for your guests to attend your special day. Here are some of the top localities to select a perfect wedding hall in Delhi NCR:

  • Wedding Venues in Gurgaon
  • Wedding Venues in Noida
  • Wedding Venues in Faridabad
  • Wedding Venues in Ghaziabad
  • Wedding Venues in South Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Venues in East Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Venues in West Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Venues in North Delhi NCR
  • Wedding Venues in New Delhi NCR

Additional Vendors

Wedding Decorators in Delhi NCR

Find premium wedding decorators to bring your wedding vision to reality!

Wedding Photography in Delhi NCR

Capture precious moments of your special day with the help of experienced photographers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do venues in Delhi NCR NCR charge?

Most wedding venues in Delhi NCR charge on a per-plate basis which is the number of guests attending the wedding. This includes food, decoration and other amenities in the venue. On the contrary, you can also find wedding venues where you only have to pay for the marriage halls. In this case, you have to find wedding service providers on your own for your special day. 

Do wedding venues in Delhi NCR allow outside catering?

You will get in-house catering services in most marriage venues in Delhi NCR that can provide the cuisine of your choice. However, some wedding venues also allow you to bring outside caterers. 

What time do wedding venues in Delhi NCR close?

Most of the venues will be closed after 10 pm because of some restrictions. But some venues allow their clients to host overnight weddings. You should discuss this with the venue management if you are planning to host an overnight wedding. 

Does every marriage venue in Delhi NCR provide an in-house DJ?

Most of the Delhi NCR wedding venues provide in-house DJs. You can inquire about this from the venue management. If they are providing, you can hire, otherwise, you can hire an outside DJ for your special day. 

Can we get alcohol from outside?

The alcohol policy differs based on the wedding venue. Most of the venues have licences for in-house bars. Some will allow their clients to bring outside alcohol. In some venues, alcohol is strictly prohibited. To get clarity, it is advisable to discuss their policy with them. 

Can we bring our vendors, such as decorators, caterers, and photographers?

Most venues have their in-house vendors for catering, decoration, photography, etc. and will also allow outside vendors for the same. You should discuss this with the venue management to get a clear understanding.

Are there any noise restrictions or curfews that we need to be aware of?

This might differ based on the venue’s locality. We suggest discussing this with the venue management to avoid unnecessary confusion. 

Can we schedule a venue tour to see the space in person?

We suggest visiting the venue before booking your wedding and most venues allow their clients for a venue tour.