Reethu & Adin
9 Sep 2023
Love is a bond that draws me to you. It is a string that binds me to you forever.

We are passionate about our jobs because the union of two beautiful souls excites us. A union where the couple is exhilarating with joy. One such couple is Reethu and Adin. Their wedding story is truly one of a kind and something that will fill you with admiration.

They had a tight budget. Therefore, we had the challenge of arranging everything from the decor to the photographers under that budget. Let’s just say it was not that easy. But the couple’s affection inspired us, and we wanted to be the medium for their union. Our plan took off. And it did it so successfully. 

The ceremony took place at PM Palace, one of the most breathtaking wedding venues in Thrissur. We chose an outdoor lounge for their wedding vows. The outdoor lounge gave the bride easy access to the garden outside for her personal photoshoot with her bridesmaids. Furthermore, they said yes to each other in the traditional way and marked the beginning of their new life together.

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