Imon & Shwetha
Temple Tree Leisure
March 2023
I could see her silhouette
Gazing at my solitude
Knowing that everything is
 A blur to me.
But one fine spring day
We sat on that swing
And swaying together 
I came alive.

Finding a match is easy. Arranging the wedding is another ball game. These were the thoughts going through the minds of Imon and Shwetha when they were planning their wedding. Having a tight budget, they thought their fairytale wedding dreams wouldn’t ever come true. However, this couple’s chemistry was magnetic, and seeing them lost didn’t sit right with us. We decided to give them a wedding as hypnotic as their charm and as enchanting as their dreams. 

Our first challenge was the Haldi and Mehendi function, where they would take the first step towards their nuptials. We gave them a rustic setting with ochre and white flowers. Seated on a beautiful swing, they relaxed for the rituals ahead.

The Engagement was the next auspicious function. Their wish was to get engaged at night under the prepossessing glamor of the stars and the moon. We took it up a notch and illuminated the lawn with fairy lights and flowers. It looked like the heavens had descended on Earth. 

And finally, the wedding bells rang. The muhurat arrived and we knew we couldn't mess this up. As the beautiful bride Shwetha, in her gorgeous red saree, walked towards the white mandap, we knew our job was done. We had successfully combined serenity with intensity and gave them the wedding they always dreamed of.

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