Humaira & Hamid
13 May 2022

Our love is like a river

Forever flowing

With beauty and grace

Giving life 

To our very souls.

They say when two beautiful people meet, their radiance mesmerizes everyone around them. Such couples are rare to find. And even rarer is the opportunity to plan a wedding for them because passionate couples need equally passionate wedding planners behind the scenes. Humaira and Hamid are one such couple. Undoubtedly, we were the passionate wedding planners they chose for their big day.

Our idea was to give them a grand wedding ceremony in a naturally beautiful setting. We chose a place near their hometown- Tikodungallur. This place is an artwork by Mother Nature. Located on the shore of the river Periyar, this gorgeous venue gives the best aesthetics for a wedding ceremony.

We could say with certainty that Humaira and Hamid were the happiest people in the room that day. Their ceremony was successful as they accepted each other with God as a witness. The trancelike beauty of the venue also induced them to do a wedding shoot where they permanently sketched their story in the sands of time.

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