Gunisha & Apoorva
Woodrose Club
26 Jan 2023

Beyond the horizon

I left home

And went searching

For something new

Only to come back

And find

My world in you.

Making marriages happen is our passion. And we have made many successful ones. But when a couple like Gunisha and Apoorva says they want it all traditional, we know it's time to start doing some homework. Their wedding was a gala time of several customs and rituals, each signifying that their bond was getting stronger by the second. 

Therefore, we set to work for the first function- Haldi. A ritual so playful and remarkable that it needs its own special day. As tradition demands, we chose orange and yellow flowers with silks complemented by pink and white bouquets. The highlight of our decor was the two copper basins with marble stools for the bride and groom. Gunisha and Apoorva wholeheartedly enjoyed their dip in haldi and oil.  

Tradition was the theme of their entire wedding. But we gave them a break for the Sangeet night so that they could bring their inner party heads out. We went the opposite route for this night by having cooler shades of blue and white as the central attraction. And the DJ didn’t disappoint them either. 

Our main challenge was the wedding day. We had to ensure that the decor matched their expectations. We chose a tiled hut in the beautiful Woodrose Club that would seat their closest friends and family. They took their seven vows around a hawan under a rustic cabana surrounded by the sweet fragrance of flowers and incense. What a wonderful day it was!

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