Deepthi & Raghu
KSR Convention, Hyderabad
18 December 2022

I made the best of promises

When I vowed to be 

Yours forever.

It's interesting to see that wedding stories are generally the same all over the world. Boy meets girl, their families agree, and voila! You have an engagement ring on your finger. However, despite the similarities in these stories, one thing remains unique- the bond between the two people.

Yes, each bond is unique. That’s why each couple deserves a unique celebration of their engagement. So, when Deepti and Raghu entered our office, aspirational to the core, we knew what they wanted. An evening dedicated to the sacred promise they will give each other. 

Their bond was infantile, their stance bashful. Yet the couple was ready to embrace each other in front of all the people they knew. We felt lucky to provide them with the perfect arena to start their love story. And yes, their chemistry was as fierce as the blasting fireworks in the sky. They danced with joy that evening. An evening they will cherish forever.

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