Bisma & Fawas
16 July 2023
Our love is like the moon
Despite the wanes
It grows back
Ever to shine brighter.

Bisma and Fawas, a couple embroiled in love for each other, had a few simple demands. “Our theme is white. We want to symbolize purity and peace. Can you do an all-white decor?”, they said. And as usual, their wish was our command. 

We had done decors in pink, purple, and classic red before. But a white one was something new. How can you use pure white in an endearing way to decorate the venue? That’s when our team brainstormed an idea to go for a celestial theme. We decided to give them a starry wonder night, shimmering and twinkling along with their outfits. A perfect contrast to loud wedding themes. 

The bride entered in her white lehenga, under a canopy of white roses. She looked like a celestial queen entering her celestial fortress. The venue was adorned with crystal chandeliers and marble hanging garlands. An ideal, spotless, and flawless banquet in their favorite silvery white hues. A perfect abode for their wedding vows.

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