Aishwarya & Sharat
Holiday Inn
1 Aug 2022

I made a promise 

Of being forever

Your refuge

Because home 

Is not place

It is a person

Waiting just for you.

Aishwarya and Sharat are an endearing couple. And we knew that the moment they stepped into our office. “It's our engagement ceremony,” they said, “We are wearing matching outfits in purple. Our favorite color.” Excellent! We got the theme of the event right then and there. Now, it was only a matter of a few days of planning and execution to get the party started. 

Engagement is a promise a couple gives to one another that they will spend the rest of their lives together. This event was one of our very first engagement ceremonies.  And we knew how to make it perfect. We gave them the phenomenal purple abode they were looking for. A rich space where they exchanged their rings with all their friends and family as witnesses. 

What followed next was an engagement photoshoot to immortalize this moment forever. Our experienced photographer picked the best spots at the venue for their photoshoot. They were matching once again- aquamarine green this time. Their outfits, the background, and their chemistry, everything blended together in a kindred fusion of love.

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