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Wedding Photography

Marriage is considered to be one of the most cherished days in our lives. Especially for us Indians. Months of planning, hard work, and efforts go into turning a normal day into the bePst day of a person's life. The bride, groom, and their families make several memories at a wedding. Wedding photography captures and preserves the memories & moments created by people on a special day. 

People get unique and everlasting wedding memories for a lifetime as a family treasure through pictures clicked by wedding photographers. Wedding photography is one of the most evolving and popular kinds of photography in today’s time. It has reached such an extent that people are ready to do unimaginable things to get unique (read: Instagrammable) wedding photography pictures. 

Types of Indian Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has several types popular among people. Have a look at them below! 

Traditional Photography

Get pictures of your marriage in a traditional, formal way with the help of our professional wedding photographers. They will create an ideal, perfect and comfortable space to get the best marriage photos. 

Traditional Videography

Want your marriage to be shot in a traditional or straight perspective? Hire our expert wedding videographers to get exactly this! Traditional videography helps you re-live all your marriage events again and again in chronological order.

Candid Photography

‘Candid’ is the most popular buzzword around us. Let our wedding photographers capture all your candid moments in your marriage! Don’t worry about posing for the camera or the right frame! You & everyone else at your wedding can enjoy themselves, and we’ll take care of the photos!

Pre-wedding Shoots

Show your love story to the whole world with a pre-wedding shoot! Prepare for your wedding day with a pre-wedding shoot. Practice some posing, know your wedding photographers, get used to facing the camera, and have an opportunity to spend a nice, quality time with your to-be life partner!  

Cinematic Video (After movie)

Hire our top-rated photographers to document your wedding through cinematic, movie-alike videos! Get a movie of all your marriage functions shot like a Bhansali film! Cinematic videos tell the story of your wedding day through the language of cinema. 

Wedding Films (Story based)

Like to see your wedding to be shot in a definite, creative story-based format? Fret not & hire our wedding photographers! Let us help you narrate your wedding story through our experts’ lenses in the most passionate & beautiful way possible!

Photo Album

If you want your wedding photos to speak more than a thousand words as well as preserve your marriage moments, getting a wedding album is an absolute must. Let us help you get that perfect photo album that you’ll cherish forever!

Benefits of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a lot more than buying an expensive camera and clicking photos of whatever comes in your periphery. Some of the prominent benefits of wedding photography are as follows

  • Getting the right style for your wedding photos: You certainly don’t want your wedding photos to look like some amateurish, random photos clicked by some 45-year old outdated photographer. Professional wedding photography gives you a distinct style as per your choice. While hiring a photographer for a wedding, make sure you convey the desired style of your marriage photos. 
  • Relive the Memories in the Best Way: A few years in the future, photos will be the best way to relive your marriage memories. Wedding photography ensures that you get to do it most amazingly. Through your wedding photos, you can enjoy the smallest of the memories of your wedding. In a way, they are a gateway to your wedding. 
  • Access to High-end Equipment: Wedding photographers in Bangalore use high-end cameras to give you top-quality photos. Even if you have access to this equipment, there are few chances that you know how to use them properly. Professionals are best to go when it is about your special day because of their expertise and knowledge. You don’t want to take a chance on your wedding. 
  • You’ll be Stress-free on Your Wedding Day: Several things are running parallel to each other at your wedding. More like mini chaos out there. And you don’t want to be stressed about your wedding photos. Wedding photography ensures that your tension about getting the best pictures remains sorted.

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Everyone wants to have a marriage. And everyone wants to ensure that their wedding photos are clicked in such a way that when they see them in the future, every moment seems real to them. Wedding photographers help you achieve the same. A wedding photographer will be a constant presence at all your wedding events-pre-wedding, haldi, sangeet, engagement, wedding, reception, vidai, etc.-to capture all the beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

Wedding photographers help couples create a lasting timestamp of their special day. You should hire a good wedding photographer so that you can relive your special day anytime you want. Because you know very well that your marriage will only happen once. So, hiring a good photographer is as necessary as hiring a good caterer or buying designer clothes for your wedding. Do remember that your marriage memories will never fade away if you hire the right Wedding photographers in Bangalore. 

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer?

This is one of the questions that people often struggle with while preparing for their marriage. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing a professional wedding photographer. 

  • Research and identify what kind of style you want to see in your wedding photos. Then only you will be able to convey it to the photographer. 
  • Set a definite budget for wedding photography. You wouldn’t want to go broke while hiring a professional.
  • Pick a few photographers, go to their websites, and read the testimonials of their previous clients. Nowadays, wedding photographers showcase their work on Instagram too. Stalk their page, see if you like their work, and want to go ahead with them.
  • Ask for their portfolio, as it will give you a clear picture of their previous work.
  • Once done with all the research, arrange a meeting to have a conversation with the photographer. See if they understand your perspective. If yes, you shouldn’t be wasting any more time. 
Frequently Asked Questions
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