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Marriage is considered to be one of the most cherished days in our lives; especially for us Indians. Months of planning, hard work, and efforts go into turning a normal day into the best day of a person's life. The bride, groom, and their families make several memories at a wedding. And wedding photography captures and preserves these memories & moments. 

Through wedding photography, people get unique and everlasting wedding memories for a lifetime as a family treasure. And it is one of the most evolving and popular kinds of photography in today’s time. It has reached such an extent that people are ready to do unimaginable things to get unique (read: Instagrammable) wedding photography pictures. But there’s more to it. Let’s understand more about the different aspects of wedding photography

Which Wedding Photography Services Should You Choose?

Your search for professional wedding photographers will never end if you don’t get the answer to this question. The choice of your wedding event photography style will have a large say in choosing the right photographer for wedding. And how would you choose the right style? By understanding each one of them in detail. Let’s do it right here! 

Pre-wedding photography 

Also known as engagement photography, the pre-wedding photography style happens usually three to six months before the wedding (timing might differ as some people do it right before the wedding). With this style, couples become comfortable with wedding photographers before the main wedding day and that’s how they build a rapport with them. This is also a litmus test of the photographer before the main wedding.

Candid wedding photography

Candid photography is just the opposite of the traditional, posed and planned photography styles. In this style of wedding event photography, the photographer captures moments as they are happening without interrupting them. And that’s why, these photos look so authentic because everything looks as it is naturally without. In a nutshell, candid wedding photography let people just be in their wedding and enjoy every moment. 

Drone wedding photography

In the past few years, this style of wedding photography has become quite popular among the masses. This style involves the photographer taking wide, breathtaking, aerial shots of the wedding with the help of a drone (an unmanned flying device). This style of marriage photography captures all the intimate, special wedding moments from the air which makes it so special. 

Portrait wedding photography

This style of marriage photography revolves around taking beautiful portrait shots of the couple on their wedding day while they are posing for the camera. Portrait photography, in general, focuses more on the subject so that it can capture the subject’s identity and essence. This style is pretty intense as it can make you lost in the picture. You can choose this style if you always wanted to frame nice portraits in your bedroom or living room. 

Destination wedding photography

As it’s pretty obvious from the name, this wedding photography style focuses on capturing the wedding moments happening in a particular destination–a hill station, beach, beautiful landscapes, some famous monument, etc. For this photography style, couples and their families travel to a new place for the wedding. The biggest advantage of this wedding is the destination provides a whole new character to the photography. 

Outdoor wedding photography

It can’t be more clear from the name, right? Outdoor wedding photography focuses on capturing all the wedding moments happening in an outdoor location. Whether a wedding is happening in the daytime or at night, if it’s happening in an outdoor location, this style of marriage photography comes into the picture. 

Cinematic wedding photography

In this style of photography for marriage, the focus is on telling a story through photos in as cinematic a way as possible. It’s like capturing your whole wedding similar to a film, which makes the whole thing more beautiful and grand. You can ask the photographer to capture your wedding moments like your favourite movie. 

Creative wedding photography

There cannot be a single definition of the creative wedding photography style because we can’t define creativity, it’s very subjective. This style focuses on taking creative photos with intelligent framing, composition and thinking non-traditionally, more out of the box. A couple should be fully open to new ideas and it could create wonders. The outcome of this style depends more on how good your wedding photographer is.

Wedding Videography

As the name tells everything, wedding videography captures everything happening at a wedding on video. This style helps you hear and see everything as it happened. Witness all the chattering, laughter, giggles, fun, bloopers, music and everything else with the help of this marriage photography style. You can relive your wedding with the video.

Post wedding photography

Considered as the last milestone of marriage photography, post wedding photography happens after your wedding. There’s no definite time to do this as some people do it weeks after the wedding, while some choose to do it months after your wedding. This style involves capturing the bride and groom once they have become husband and wife after marriage.

Different Types of Photography Style and Approach: Choose What Suits You Best

When you are choosing a person for your wedding event photography, you should know there are different types of photography styles and approaches. And you can make the right decision about choosing the right one if you know about these photography styles and approaches. Let’s do the same:

Candid and Authentic Moments

Some wedding photographers excel in the style of capturing candid and authentic moments in the best way possible. If you want the same kind of photography for your wedding, you should go with this style. If you are more inclined towards wedding pictures that are candid, natural, unplanned and original, this could be the right style for you.

Artistic Storytelling

Some photographers like to tell a whole story through their clicked pictures. If you are a fan of storytelling, this style can suit you better. Choose a marriage photography package accordingly then. Make sure you check their portfolio before making the final decision. Artistic storytelling is something that can’t go unnoticed in photos.

Attention to Detail

If you are someone who likes everything in a particular way and give attention to the smallest of details, you should choose photographers who have the same eye for detail. 

Collaborative Approach

What does collaboration mean? It means when multiple people come together and make a joint effort to complete a task. A collaborative approach towards wedding event photography is also one of the popular styles that you might like. Some photographers thrive in collaboration. If you are someone who can give constant input and feedback to get more beautiful pictures, this approach could be perfect for you!

Natural Light Enthusiasts

Like natural light more than artificial lighting? Well, this approach could be 100% perfect for your wedding. Some wedding photographers like natural lighting so much that they don’t want to use artificial lighting until and unless it’s necessary. If you want your wedding photos to be based on natural light, go for this wedding photography approach!

Unobtrusive Presence

Do you want to go for a wedding photography approach where you don’t even feel the presence of the wedding photographer around you? Well, this approach is for you only. Under this style, photographers mix themselves as your guest only. At any moment, you won’t feel the person is trying to come into your personal space.

Use these Wedding Photography Tips When You Hire a Photographer for Wedding

When choosing wedding photography services, you need to keep several things in mind. We have curated some tips to make the job easier for you. Do check them out:

Connect with Your Photographer

Oh, this is the most important tip that you should never forget. The more you understand your photographer’s perspective, the more you connect with them. And this connection will help you make them visualize what you’re looking for in your wedding pictures. So, always try to connect with them on a more personal level. 

Plan Your Timeline Carefully

Once the wedding date is finalized, make sure you put the timeline in place so that you don’t face any delay in your wedding. Choose your wedding photographer and share the same timeline with them. See if they are also aligned on the same timeline. If they can deliver, go with it. 

Choose Meaningful Locations

Whatever location you’re choosing for the wedding photography services, make sure that they add something to your photos. Whether it’s a destination or a venue in your city, it should elevate your wedding to a different level and add meaning to your photos. 

Prioritize Lighting

Lighting can make or break your wedding photos. So, always remember that lighting is everything. Never compromise with it. Always ask the photographer about how they will take care of the lighting at different wedding functions.

Embrace Candid Moments

Want nice, gram-worthy, candid wedding photos? Try to embrace the moments. When you let yourself enjoy these moments, you will automatically be more relaxed. And that’s when you will get nice, candid photos. You can’t pose for candid photos. So, try to be as relaxed as you can. 

Unplug During Key Moments

During key moments in your wedding, make sure you focus only on them and unplug from the things happening around you. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, you should unplug during the key moments in your wedding like Jaimaala, Ring exchange, Pheras, etc.

Coordinate Your Outfits

Your wedding photos can look something different if both of you plan and coordinate your outfits on all the important occasions of your wedding. Many people do this nowadays. You can research what outfit and colour suits both of you most. According to that, you can also decide on the lighting for your wedding photography.

Consider a First Look Session

The first look session is a sure shot way to see how the photos will come out in your wedding. You can coordinate with your wedding photographer to plan this session and they can also suggest some nice things. If you do a first look session, you will be fully prepared on your wedding.

Involve Your Guests

You can elevate your wedding to a whole new level if you make sure that your guests feel involved in every little thing in your wedding. You invited them to have a good time, right? So, make an effort towards that. Plan photo sessions with keeping your guests in mind. Happy people make happy memories.

Trust Your Photographer

Before choosing your wedding photographer, ask as many as questions you want. But once you make the final decision, trust yourself and most importantly, trust your photographer. Because if you don’t show trust even after choosing them, they will not be able to perform their job better. Always remember: they are as good as you let them be.

Have Fun and Be Yourselves

It’s your wedding. You’ve waited so long for this. You’ve made so much effort for this. On your wedding day, make sure you have fun! Lots of fun! When you will do that, all wedding photos will come good. Don’t worry about little things. Try to forget them on the day because those are uncontrollable things. Be yourself and have a great time at your wedding!

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Photographer?

In our country, marriage is important. And everyone wants to ensure that their wedding photos are clicked in such a way that when they see them in the future, every moment seems real to them. Wedding photographers help you achieve the same. A wedding photographer will be a constant presence at all your wedding events—pre-wedding, haldi, sangeet, engagement, wedding, reception, Bidai, etc.—to capture all the beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here are some more reasons:

  • Preserve Precious Memories
  • Expertise And Creativity
  • Attention To Detail
  • Capture Emotions Authentically
  • Equipment And Backup Plans
  • Relieve Stress And Let You Enjoy Your Wedding
  • Create A Visual Legacy
  • Post-Processing Expertise
  • Tailored To Your Style
  • Investment In Quality

How to find the right wedding photographer for your marriage?

When you are in the process of choosing a photographer for marriage, several photographers are competing to get the spot. And we understand how difficult it would be for you to choose the right photographer for your wedding. Anybody can claim that they are one of the best wedding photographers in India but you can’t believe them just because they are saying, right? 

We have curated a step list that you can follow when you are looking for the right person to capture your wedding. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Once you reach there, you will see a list of several wedding shoot photographers there. We understand it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, that’s exactly why there are filters.

Step 3: First choose your location. Let’s say you’re looking for a marriage photographer in Bangalore, choose the location as Bangalore, India. As soon as you will do it, you will see a list of wedding photographers in Bangalore.

Step 4: After that, you can choose from other filters like types of photoshoots they do, marriage photography package starting from and types of equipment they have. 

Step 5: As soon as you choose your preferences, you will get a list of all the eligible wedding shoot photographers.

Step 6: From this list, choose one that fits your preferences perfectly. Don’t forget to check their portfolio before making the final decision. If you are looking for budget wedding photographers, make sure the price of the chosen one is within your budget only. 

Wedding Photographers by City: Find Your Perfect Photographer

Whether you’re finding the right photographer in the capital city of India or the IT Capital of India, we have the right photographer in whichever city you want. Look at some of the options below: 

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Wedding Photographers In Hyderabad

Why Choose Us: Why Hire a Photographer through Betterhalf?

This question is pretty valid. Why should you choose us? After all, it’s one of the most special days of your life and why should you choose Betterhalf to help you find the right wedding photographer? Well, here are three reasons.

  • At Betterhalf, we have fostered a community of verified photographers that you can completely trust. We have a team who runs a background check on every photographer before we onboard on the Betterhalf platform. So, don’t worry about last-minute cancellations or uninformed changes in plans. 

  • We provide you with an abundance of options so that you never run out of options. Whichever your city is, we provide several options as per your preferences so that you can choose the right one. 

  • All our photographers have years of experience with an exciting portfolio to back their worth. Other than this, all of our photographers are highly rated by the customers. So, you can trust them to capture your wedding with perfection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find a wedding photographer near me?

With Betterhalf, it’s extremely easy to find a perfect wedding photographer. Just visit the website of Betterhalf, and go to the ‘Wedding Photographers’ section. You will see a wide range of options there. Choose as per your preferences like city, photoshoot types, package starting, type of equipment, etc. Once you put all these filters, choose the best wedding photography services then. 

Can we hire a wedding photographer for the pre-wedding shoot only?

Yes, you can hire only for your pre-wedding shoot. At Weddings by Betterhalf, you can hire wedding photographers for as many functions as you want. 

Do your wedding photographers offer outstation services?

Yes, our wedding photographers offer outstation services. 

Are wedding albums provided by your photographers?

Usually, photographers provide wedding albums. It, however, depends on the package you’re taking. Some wedding photography package doesn’t involve albums. So, make sure you check if an album is part of your package or not.