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India, a country with a history of rich culture and traditions, has always celebrated love extravagantly! Weddings in India are more than just celebrations; they are lifetime memories filled with fun, laughter, traditions, and emotions. Once you have picked the perfect venue for your special day, the next thing on your checklist is to ensure that the venue glams up right on your wedding day. From breathtaking rustic-themed wedding decor to glamorous Bollywood-inspired ones, you will never run out of choices when choosing wedding ceremony decorations in India. How do you choose the perfect one? Well, leave it to the experts! The top wedding decorators in India listed on Weddings By Betterhalf will not only help you pick the best wedding decor for your big day, but they ensure that every little detail of your wedding decor is executed perfectly on your special day.

Weddings By Betterhalf has chosen the finest Indian wedding decorators in all categories and budgets and listed them with all their details and portfolios for you to look at and choose the most suitable one. All you must do is set the filters per your preference, and voila! You have a list of the best wedding decorators in India curated exclusively for you.

Wedding Event Decoration In Different Indian Cities

Different states in India have unique ways of celebrating their weddings. From partying all night to celebrate the start of a new journey in Punjab to a serene day wedding in Kerala, weddings in India are different. Yet, each one of them is elevated with exquisite decorations. It's best to hire local wedding decoration experts to create the perfect wedding setting, for they will be well-versed in your culture. Let's look at the wedding decorators for hire in different cities in India. 

Wedding Decorators In Bangalore

The ‘IT capital of India’ is known for its sophisticated weddings. From dainty floral arrangements to graceful table settings, everything is crafted beautifully by these professionals. Hire your favourite decorators for your wedding! 

Wedding Decorators In Delhi

Attend a wedding in Delhi to know the real flavour of a grand Indian wedding. The best wedding decorators in the country beautify these lavish Delhi weddings. Choose the artist to craft your gorgeous wedding today! 

Wedding Decorators In Hyderabad

Weddings are celebrated elegantly in this ‘city of Nawabs.’ Hire professional decorators in the city who will create the perfect wedding setting for you to promise each other ‘a forever.’

Wedding Decorators In Mumbai

Mumbaikars might not have time for everyday catch-ups! But the city knows how to party. Mumbai weddings are a sight to behold, all thanks to the talented decorators for curating these beautiful weddings.

Wedding Decorators In Jaipur

The pink city is home to numerous exquisite palaces, among all things royal. The wedding decorators in the city craft modern decor settings without losing the touch of the city’s traditions.

Wedding Decorators In Goa

Is a sundowner wedding what you dream of? Goa is the perfect destination. The beach weddings in Goa are decorated with grace and elegance by the creative artists in the state. 

Wedding Decorators In Coimbatore

Our Coimbatore-based wedding decorators bring your dreams to life amidst lush greenery and tranquil landscapes, blending nature's beauty with exquisite floral arrangements, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your special day.

Wedding Decorators In Chennai

With a deep appreciation for Chennai's rich cultural heritage, our decorators combine traditional elements with a modern aesthetic, crafting weddings that resonate with elegance and authenticity, ensuring your celebration reflects the city's grace.

Wedding Decorators In Pune

Embrace the cosmopolitan allure of Pune with our decorators, who artfully weave contemporary sophistication into your wedding decor, delivering a stylish and refined ambience that mirrors the city's dynamic spirit.

Wedding Decorators In Lucknow

Revel in the opulence of Lucknow as our decorators immerse your wedding in regal grandeur, adorning your venue with intricate details and traditional motifs, ensuring a celebration fit for royalty.

Wedding Decorators In Kolkata

Celebrate the cultural vibrancy of Kolkata with our decorators, who infuse artistic brilliance into your wedding decor, enveloping your venue in grandeur and elegance capturing the essence of the city's lively soul.

Wedding Decorators In Bhubaneswar

 Let the tranquil beauty of Bhubaneswar inspire your wedding decor as our experts craft serene and enchanting settings, blending nature's charm with artistic design to create a truly memorable celebration.

Popular Wedding Venue Decorations in India

Your wedding aesthetics play a major role in turning your dream wedding into reality, and your wedding decor takes centre stage when it comes to wedding aesthetics. Beginning with an engagement party, the talented wedding decorators in India have unique and gorgeous decor ideas for every step of your wedding journey. Have a look at the most popular wedding decorations offered by our decorators. 

Haldi Decoration

Embracing the joy of pre-wedding rituals, Haldi decorations drench the venue in yellow hues and fragrant blooms. Turmeric's auspicious essence fills the air, setting the stage for a vibrant celebration of purity and love.

Car Decoration For Wedding

The wedding journey begins with a beautifully adorned car, symbolizing the couple's journey into a new chapter of life. Intricate floral arrangements, ribbons, and garlands transform the vehicle into a mobile symbol of love.

Wedding Stage Decoration

The stage is a canvas of dreams at the heart of the wedding. Elaborate backdrops, drapes, and floral arrangements frame the couple, creating a mesmerizing focal point for rituals and photographs.

Mandap Decoration

Mandaps are sacred spaces where vows are exchanged. Intricate mandap decorations blend traditional elements with modern design, creating an enchanting ambience for the union of two souls.

Bride-To-Be Decorations

Special decor packages are offered by wedding decorators in India for bachelorette and other bridal parties. 

First Night Room Decoration

The couple's first night together is filled with romance and anticipation. Room decorations with candles, petals, and soft lighting set the mood for an intimate beginning.

Mehendi Decoration

Mehendi ceremonies come alive with vibrant decor, often featuring bohemian-inspired elements, floral arrangements, and cosy seating, creating an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Wedding Room Decoration

The newlywed's room is transformed into a romantic haven with soft colours, floral touches, and personalized details, creating a cosy retreat for the couple.

Wedding Gate Decoration

Grand entrances are adorned with intricate gate decorations, reflecting the couple's style and the grandeur of the celebration.

Mangala Snanam Decoration

Mangala Snanam, a sacred ritual, is celebrated with purity and grace. Decorations feature traditional elements like banana leaves, flowers, and auspicious symbols.

Sangeet Decoration

Sangeet ceremonies burst with energy and colour, and vibrant decor, music, and dance elements infuse the celebration with joy and rhythm.

Simple Wedding Decorations

Elegance in simplicity shines through minimalistic decor, focusing on subtle, refined details that enhance the beauty of the occasion.

Wedding Hall Decoration

Wedding halls are transformed into enchanting spaces with drapes, lighting, and thematic decor, enveloping guests in splendour.

Wedding Light Decoration

The play of lights creates a magical atmosphere, with intricate patterns, lanterns, and fairy lights enhancing the ambience.

Wedding Tent Decoration

Outdoor weddings come to life under beautifully decorated tents, blending the natural surroundings with elegant decor for a captivating experience.

Other Trending Marriage Decoration You Must Check Out

The wedding decoration trends in India are continuously evolving. Each wedding season brings fresh ideas and innovations that redefine the concept of wedding aesthetics. Whether you're planning a traditional ceremony, a contemporary soirée, or something in between, exploring the latest trends in decoration can inspire you to infuse your celebration with modern elegance, personal touches, and unique experiences.

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Tips To Keep in Mind When Hiring Wedding Decorators in India

Hire In Advance:

You must start looking and hire your favourite wedding decorator as soon as you decide the venue you want to get married in! The popular ones usually get booked months in advance, especially during the wedding season.

Define Your Style

Before you start looking for the decorator of your choice, you must have an idea about what you are looking for. For this, you must research the types of wedding decor. This will help you narrow down your options, and you will have to look into the details of the decorators whose style aligns with your vision. 

Review Portfolios

Your next step in the quest to find the perfect wedding decorator for your big day is to look through the portfolios of the decorators. Carefully look at the portfolios and figure out if their style matches your dream wedding. 

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to hire the best wedding decorators in India is to consult the experts. Talk to the experts at Weddings at Betterhalf and they will help you connect with the best-suited decorators as per your needs and budget.

Set a Budget

Determine a budget for your wedding decor. This will help you narrow down your options and ensure you're not overspending.

Meet in Person

Schedule face-to-face meetings with potential decorators. This allows you to discuss your ideas, see their work samples, and gauge if they are a good match for you.

Discuss Themes and Styles

Share your wedding theme and style preferences with the decorator. Ensure they can adapt to your vision and offer creative ideas to enhance it.

Discuss Setup and Cleanup

Clarify who will handle the setup and cleanup. Some decorators offer this as part of their service, while others may charge extra.


Creating a detailed timeline for decorating activities is essential for a smooth and stress-free wedding day. A well-structured timeline ensures that everything is prepared and executed flawlessly, from setup to teardown, leaving you to enjoy your special day without worry.

Contracts and Agreements

Ensure all details discussed are included in the contract. This includes the theme, colour schemes, types of decorations, and any special arrangements.

Stay Involved

While you've hired professionals, it's important to stay involved in the process. Regular check-ins and updates will help ensure everything is going according to plan.

Plan for Contingencies

Discuss backup plans for unexpected situations, like bad weather for outdoor events.

Stay Flexible

While it's important to have a clear vision, be open to some flexibility. Sometimes, certain elements may need to be adjusted due to logistical or practical reasons.

Hire the Top Wedding Decorators in India via Weddings By Betterhalf

When it comes to creating the wedding of your dreams, look no further than Weddings By Betterhalf. We take immense pride in connecting you with the best Indian wedding decorators who are masters of their craft. Be it a traditional one or a modern wedding, our wedding decorators turn your vision into reality, ensuring every detail of your special day is perfect.  So, wait no more! Head to the list of decorators on the website. Set the filters as per your preference, and hire your favourite ones before they get booked!