Want To Be Safe While Seeking a Life Partner Online? Follow These 7 Tips


If we leave a few outliers aside, most people dream of marriage at some point in their lives. They see themselves spending their life together with someone. Witnessing the highs and lows in life together. The concept of dating before marriage might seem unfamiliar to some people. However, traditional dating was always here. People have always dated even before the existence of technology. Like any other concept, the concept of marriage and dating has also evolved over years. Technology has entered into our lives to make things easier and efficient for us. 

Today, online dating is quite common practice which is almost as communistic and liberating as traditional dating. In the 2000s, online dating websites started to flourish in almost every corner of the modern world. Fast forward a few years, with the advent of smartphones in every hand, ever-growing dating apps changed the way people perceive the idea of dating. Who knew back then that connecting with strangers would be as fun and engaging as meeting them physically with the evolved technologies around us.  

BUT every practice comes with its pros and cons. Online dating involves regular interaction with strangers. The reason being you cannot know about someone without interaction on such platforms. And in doing this, there is always a high chance of identity theft and online harassment. The danger of inviting physical danger along with you is equal in the real and virtual dating world. You can never know the real intention of people talking behind the screen. You can only assume. That too, to some extent. You can never take responsibility for the predatory or disrespectful behavior of others. 

So, how to deal with this? Well, there are a few measures you can take to protect yourself when you interact with people on these platforms. You would be able to take care of yourself in a better way if you keep the following tips in mind the next time you register for any dating or relationship sites.

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1. “Ok, Google” Yourself. 

In the world we are living in, Google has become synonymous with our curiosity. One of the best tips to be safe at matrimony platforms is to first know all the things that have been posted about you online. According to Betterhalf’s dating coach, you can Google to check what is posted online about you. You should know this fact that anyone with a working internet connection can have all the personal information about yourself just by typing your full name. Once someone has your full name, s/he can exploit any readily available information online about you and could misuse it in any way. For instance, if you have posted about giving your house on rent online, anyone who searches your name online would find out your ad. And s/he can know your address which can be spooky. So, it’s important to google yourself. 

2. Play the “Guess” name.

Never give your full name until and unless you trust the person. As we mentioned in the last point, making yourself available to Google search won’t help you stay safe on dating platforms. As per our dating experts, you should be absolutely careful while listing your full name on your profile as revealing your personal details soon enough with a stranger may cause harm to you. Displaying your full name in your profile — or even before you meet in person — immediately provides digital access to your background. So, the rule is simple: No full names until you meet up and feel safe about that person. At Betterhalf, the AI lets you state just the first name. Hence, full safety. 

3. First date? Spotify.

First Dates can be tricky. Never decide to meet at a private space on your first date. Always choose a public space. If you want yourself to be safe on your first date with someone you met online, it’s imperative that you plan all of your first dates in public. If you are really unsure about the date, you can plan to meet outside your neighborhood and see how things go. If the two of you hit it off well, you will have plenty of time to roam around the city in the future and explore new places. However, start with the safest option available. 

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 4. Posting old pictures? Think twice.

It would be better to not use Facebook or Instagram photos as your display profile. Many people think that there is no harm in using your facebook profile picture in your online dating profile which is not true. You don’t know the intention of malicious persons online. Any individual with a basic knowledge can run a google image search on your photo and find personal details about you. Hence, to be safe when seeking a life partner online, make sure you use pictures that you haven’t posted before so that no one can trace you back. Your candids shouldn’t be found anywhere else on the internet. One more tip: you can also disable the option to link your dating app profile with your Instagram or Facebook account. This way, you’ll be more safe.

5. Always Opt for In-app Conversations.

Try to use the dating app’s internal chat system. Yes, we understand that you might find the internal messaging system on dating apps a bit inconvenient. But if you want to be safe, this is one of the most crucial factors to keep your phone number safe online. You are inviting danger by providing your Whatsapp Number to people. Just for getting a better texting experience, you are compromising your safety. You should consider knowing the person before taking things forward to the extent of sharing numbers.  

6. A Bit Reserved- A Perfect Way to Get Started. 

Yes, you should open up but don’t end up sharing too many details at first. The whole point of connecting people online is to get to know them better. However, it doesn’t mean you end up revealing all your personal information and other little details with a person you met online. Limit the number of personal details or facts about your life you share until you’ve met the right person. Sometimes, people who seem great when chatting in a matrimony app could be very different in real life. So, you should make sure to let the person play the guessing game for a longer time. Believe us, this will spice up the conversation with an element of mystery and you will enjoy it for sure.  

7. Self defense is the Best defense.

When going on your first date, consider carrying a self-defense tool. You know how our world is. If you are a female, carrying a self-defense weapon can be a very useful tool considering the safety of females in India. We totally understand that it is a very personal decision. But if it makes you feel safer, you can carry a tool as per your choice. It can be a taser or a pepper spray so that you can use it if and when a situation arises.  

At Betterhalf, we aim to create a safe environment for everyone. We sincerely hope you stay a bit alert when finding your Betterhalf online. If you keep the above tips in mind, you can make sure that both you and your date feel comfortable. 

If you haven’t tried Betterhalf yet, now is the right time. Also, if you have any advice to be safe on dating platforms, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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