Tips to Create Your Wedding Invitation using Canva

Tips to Create Your Wedding Invitation using Canva

Marriage will always be the most auspicious moment in everyone's life. It is also a sweet excuse to meet the people you love and enjoy this important moment of your life with them. But the process of getting ready for your wedding and making the necessary preparations is not an easy task to achieve.

And the preparations might be sometimes expensive, like booking a venue or wedding dress to the photographers (obviously!). And this list can go on. And we couldn’t miss out the essentials also.

With much more expenses and your plans to cut costs in possible ways, you must be exhausted in looking for a suitable way. To help you during these hard times, we think we have found a way to cut costs for your wedding. And that is by creating a wedding invitation by yourself using canva. Well, that might sound strange and questionable, but trust us you can do this and we help in this process.

You don’t have to be a professional designer or a creative person to create a wedding invitation for your wedding. Our easy-to-use guide might help you to create your wedding invitation using canva in less time.

Pick a shape & size

The first step is to decide the shape and size of your invitation design, whether you want a portrait or landscape and the size in inches or centimeters. Selecting the invitation shape is also based on the kind of style you want in your marriage invitation.

If you want to move ahead with the traditional style you can select the design template with traditional rectangular shapes. On the other hand, if you want to have designs other than the traditional ones, you can choose from the trending ones like scalloped and horizontal invitations.

Customize Colors

Colors play an important role and help in enhancing the look of your invitations. But it is not easy to find a suitable color that suits the invitation and fulfills the couple. Because one might want dark colors and the other might be looking for light colors. 

But you can test and try multiple color variations to find the perfect color that suits your wedding invitation. This will make things easier for the couple to design the invitation.

Add Elements

Your next step will be adding elements to make your invitation look fabulous. This might be the usual floral design or a theme which contains traditional elements. You can also use mandala designs to make the invitation much more elegant. 

You can explore the elements section and add stickers, photos, frames, shapes, etc. to make your invitation an attractive one. Adding animations to the wedding invitation was also possible in Canva.

Add details and images

After adding the design elements, your next step must be including the necessary details of a wedding to the invitation. This will be the name of the couple, date and time of the wedding and the venue of the wedding.

Noone is going to stop you from adding the image of you and your yet-to-be partner. Choose the best image from your pre-wedding photoshoot and use it in the invitation. You can also minimize the opacity and edit the image to make it matchable to the invitation theme and color using Canva.

Choose Romantic Fonts

This might sound strange but using casual fonts instead of the professional ones might look awkward in a wedding invitation. Unless you are two nerds getting married and want to have a professional touch in everything. Think how the invitation will look like if you are using Comic Sans or some relevant font, not appealing right. 

Now use a cursive or calligraphy kind of font for names and other details, looking romantic and elegant, right. You can try some combination of fonts like Malibu for names, Alex Brush for location, date and time or any other combinations you would like to have in your invitation.

Download & Share

Once you finish the designing of the wedding invitation, you can simply download and share it with the people you want to invite for the wedding. You can download the design as a high quality PNG/JPEG image or a PDF or even as a video in case you’ve added any animations. 

Hope this easy guide will help you in creating a wedding invitation using Canva and to give you the satisfaction of creating your wedding invitation on your own. Feel free to add your suggestions, questions or anything else you want to share with us in the comments section.

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