Tips to Create an Effective Matrimony Profile

matrimony profile

With the development of technology, everything can be done online. From ordering food to finding a soulmate, everything can be done from the comfort of your home. There is no need to leave your home in order to meet your potential bride or groom. That is the impact of dating and matrimony platforms on everyone’s life. 

But to find your soulmate you should have a matrimony profile and it also should be good enough to make someone connect with you. Most people don’t realize that their matrimony profile is the first impression of them when someone wants to connect. If you want to find the right people from a matrimony platform, then you have to create an attractive matrimony profile. 

Well, that is where the problem lies because anyone can create a matrimony profile. But only a few can create an approachable matrimony profile. To help the majority of people, we have listed some tips to create an effective matrimony profile. These tips will help you create an approachable matrimony profile. 


Be it personal or professional a good attractive photo or headshot is important for any kind of platform. Because this will make people build trust that they are seeing a profile of a real person. Because there are many fake profiles present on matrimony, dating, professional and social media platforms. 

Even though the platforms are taking serious actions to rectify the fake profiles, we can’t avoid this sometimes. Adding a photo of you is important if you want to find some interesting people. In addition, try to add a casual yet good-looking photo of you. This will increase the chances of getting matched with some potential people who are interested in your profile. Try to add photos of you in different outfits at different locations. 

Clear and Specific About Section

The About section is as important as keeping a good photo. Because this will help people to know about yourself. In the about section, add things which are unique to you. You can also add your hobbies, interests and profession. If you have accomplished anything in your life, you can also add that to your about section in the matrimony profile. 

Be crisp and clear about the information mentioned in the about section. Because people will check the about section next to your photo. You have good opportunities to attract someone with the about section. So make use of it effectively to match with who might like you. You can take a look at the below example to get some knowledge about how to write about sections for your matrimony profile. 

"A mechanical engineer and I received my BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology. I have been working since 2018 in Bangalore, and am looking to find a woman who shares my interests in cooking and travel. I have a younger sister and am very close to her. I have travelled to most South Indian places, and am looking to visit more places with my future partner."

Be honest about your likes, dislikes and partner preferences

Most matrimony platforms have the option to add the likes and dislikes of a person. This is to make sure that the users are getting profiles of people who share similar interests. Because it is easier to connect with someone who shares similar interests like yours. So you have to be honest about this section in your matrimony profile. 

Because sometimes platforms use algorithms to show potential matches. If not, then the user can connect with you when they see similar interest in your matrimony profile. This can be your hobbies or your interests in pets or hiking or anything you truly love to do. This will increase the chances of getting matched with the right matches who truly share your interests.

Apart from your likes and dislikes, you should clearly mention your expectations from your future spouse. For instance, if you are looking for someone who is a working person or a fitness enthusiast, then you should clearly mention those things. So be clear about your expectations and honest about expressing them to find the right person. Remember, be real, be you.

Other important things to remember

  • Mention your family background, because Indian matrimony sites are not like the usual dating platforms. You can share some important information about your family background. This will help the potential partner to decide the marriage with you. 
  • Check your matrimony profiles for errors or mistakes before completing the setup. This is to make sure that the information provided is 100% accurate. 
  • After setting up your matrimony profile, you can share it with your friends and family to get proper feedback to improve your matrimony profile. 
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