Tips To Choose The Perfect Location for a Date


Finding a person to date and taking them out for a date. Both are equally tough tasks to complete. Try the Betterhalf dating app if you want to complete the former task. It will surely help you to find and meet some interesting people. Congratulations if you’ve already found a date. Now you got the next task of finding a perfect location for your date. Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you select a perfect location for your romantic evening. We have listed some tips to help you choose a perfect location for a date. Have a look!

A Calm, Peaceful Place Without Interruptions

Whether it’s your first date or fifth, always go for a place where you both can speak without any interruptions or surrounding noise. After all, you can understand each other by sharing your feelings and listening to each other. And a calm place will help you do exactly this. 

For instance, when you share something important but the other person can't hear. It might get frustrating for both of you to repeat the same thing many times. On the other hand, imagine you both are exchanging some good memories, having a nice conversation, and having your favourite food without any distractions. Which would you prefer? Second one is right!

Parks, restaurants, and cafes are the right places for a good atmosphere for talking to each other. 

Location of Mutual Interest

After speaking with each other through texts or phone calls or video calls, you might get to know about their likes and dislikes. Based on your mutual interests and your date, you can select a place. 

For example, if you both like trying different ice cream flavours, you can find a perfect ice cream spot to have the best ice creams and conversations. But if the other person doesn’t even like ice cream, remove that idea from the list and also, your mind.

Always try to find mutual ground for dates of the person you find through the betterhalf dating app until you two get to know each other better. Your date will also consider going for another date with you when you do this. You can also communicate with them through the Betterhalf dating apps before moving into in-person meetings.

A Place that is Easy to Find & Reach

Select a place that is easy to find and reach for both parties. We can’t expect a person to come to a place when they haven’t even heard about it or very far from their place. Make a list of some well-known places and select a place from the list that both parties can reach in time. Because you can’t be late for your date night due to heavy traffic and make them wait for a long time. For example, in a place like Bengaluru, you can’t choose a date venue, otherwise you will spend almost half the time in traffic. 

Check with your date before finalising the place to assure that the place is at equidistance for both. And also check the parking available if you’re driving to the place. People don’t like to meet their date when they are frustrated because of the traffic or parking.

Ask for Recommendations

Kindly do this before finalising the place, whether it's from your friend or family or online reviews. Asking for suggestions from your friends or family is okay but bringing them to the date is not. Don’t just look at the stars, instead read the reviews which will give you a clear picture of a place. 

Sometimes people tend to share some unknown things like happy hours, off-menu items, etc. and that’s why you should read the reviews carefully.

Have Multiple Options Ready

Having several options for the date locations will make the date much more interesting. This will show your date that you have detailed knowledge of the area. There are chances your date didn’t like the place or even the place is closed without any notice. At this time, you don’t have to worry about finding the best location at the last moment, because you already have a list.

When deciding on this list, have different themes and places. Because when your date doesn’t like a place or a theme, you can go for another theme or place.

Check the Cuisine & Availability

Selecting a restaurant with perfect cuisine is as important as selecting a place. Because if you take your date to a Thai restaurant and they like Italian food, it might lead to disappointment. Since you have been involved in conversations with them before, you might get to know about their favourite cuisine. If not, start looking for places once you found out their favourite cuisines.

The next thing to check is the availability at the restaurant you have selected. Even though the restaurant is fancy and romantic, having to wait for some time before entering doesn’t make your date happy. And this is not a good start to the romantic evening. It is better to book a table earlier to show your date that you like to spend time with them. 

Remember these tips before selecting a perfect romantic location for your date. If you are going for a first date, then you should learn how to be confident on a date and make it to the second date. 

Looking for interesting people to go on a date with? Then you should try some of the best online Shaadi apps or dating apps or even join a local community based on your interests. 

Happy Dating : )

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