These 5 Tips Will Surely Help You on Your First Date With Someone You Met Online.


Online matchmaking has become a new norm among people — Thanks to the ever-increasing internet penetration in the country and the convenience it provides to people! With so many matrimony platforms options out there, it can be difficult for an individual to figure out which one is right. It can be a scary exercise, especially for those trying to search their betterhalf online for the first time. Before the advent of matrimony platforms, people used to be set up by mutual friends or relatives, or people at work or through other numerous activities — this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re caught up in the hustle of a big city.

This is one of the reasons why online matrimony apps like are getting popular with users. And believe it or not, people find long-term partners through these much-commonly-stigmatized methods. More and more people are getting connected. However, for many people, one of the most nerve-wracking and scary aspects of the matrimony platforms is the ‘First Date’ part. There is no magic spell to guarantee a relationship or even a second encounter on the first date with someone you met online.

But, some tricks can help you. I think now we’ve got your attention.

With a little thoughtfulness, imagination, a pinch of style, and confidence – along with the strategies and ideas mentioned below – you can effortlessly rock your first date and leave the room (a bungalow, maybe! :P) for the second one.

Prepare Yourself For The Date

You are going on your first date with someone who could be your betterhalf. On such an occasion, you don't want to look like someone who isn’t serious about it. There is nothing worse than going on a date being under or over-dressed. Dress according to the venue. A gown at a bar or a 3-piece suit at a cafe doesn’t go exactly with each other and might give you an embarrassment for life. Before you speak on the first date, the way you dress up will speak up for you.

Make some effort on your appearance with pride - White teeth, fresh breath, pretty shoes, and unchapped lips will help you in getting a good first impression. Also, if you are planning a surprise, the least you can do for your date is drop some hints about what to wear during your conversation.

Your only focus on the first date should be to look as attractive as you can. Also, there is nothing more important than giving compliments on your first date. We repeat, nothing! It’s simple, and it works. If your date looks good, smells nice, or speaks well, tell them right away! However, don’t go overboard while complementing, as you don’t want to sound low-value at best and plain creepy at worst.

Keep The Conversation Original And Positive

Once you make that first impression, the meeting will steer towards the conversation part. And here, you will need to make sure of one thing on a first date: Do not keep talking about your work or something she doesn't have any relation with. Think practically: Why would she want to hear about stories related to your relatives or tragedies of your life on a first date? Let us tell you one thing. If s/he has ever been on a date (which s/he might have), most probably s/he has already had these general, boring conversations before. And that will turn them off.

The key is to be bold and step up to the next interesting level. Avoid bad-mouthing your ex and complaining about all the wrong things in your life at all costs. All these things will show you as someone who is still living in the past and has a heavy burden of baggage. Anybody would feel uncomfortable around such a person. So, do remember to have a mindful conversation.  

Too Much Personal Involvement Is A Big No!

While you are looking for your betterhalf, do not gauge long-term compatibility on the first date itself. Relax, it’s the first meeting, and nobody wants to spill their darkest secrets on the first date. It would be better for you too if you don’t ask the same to project yourself as a conversationalist. Remember you are on a date, not some interrogation. Make eye contact, smile (not, too much), and try to engage in the conversation - These simple traits are attractive without being overwhelmed.

BUT. Make sure you flirt a little here and there during the conversation or you’ll never get to your ideal stage!

Focus On Your Body Language

There is a reason why people invented a word like ‘Body Language. When you don’t speak, your little actions do. On a first date, people usually don’t tend to be touchy. But just in case, if her hand touches your hand a few times during your conversation or while walking together, you should know she’s probably interested whereas, leaning away is a textbook bad sign. If he waits for those extra 30 seconds after dropping you at your place, you should know that he likes spending time with you and wants to do more without pushing - It’s a sign of respect, concern for your safety, but also a complimentary sexual attraction. Body language says a lot, and if you don’t know it already, better start working on it!

Listen To Your Date. Wholeheartedly.

One of the clearest signs of a girl’s comfort on a first date is she will speak her heart out. But this only happens with people who listen to their dates with unwavering attention. When she is opening up about her interests and other aspects of life, be sure to open your ears and don’t interrupt in between. Also, there's no rule that you will have to agree with whatever point she is making. It’s not a sin if you disagree. It’s okay to have disagreements as long as they are healthy and not turning into vicious arguments. Your tone should not be confrontational.

When you listen wholeheartedly, you will get to know so many little things about her. Then you can question things that you don’t agree with, have a two-sided conversation, and hold yourself a bit if you find yourself talking more – rather than your date.

Now that you know these tips to help you with your first date with someone you met online, know that nothing is guaranteed. Even after following them, you might not bag a second date with your to-be-betterhalf. In such a scenario, just relax and remember: your process is right, and it will surely give you better results if you keep practicing them. As you reiterate these tips often and get better at dating, your rating for the first impression will soar through the roof, and more dates will be interested in taking things forward with you. You just need to be patient. Wish you all the luck and charm!

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