Spot Fake Profiles On Online Matrimony with These 6 Ways

Online Matrimony

From shopping to watching movies and finding love, everything has now gone digital. Thanks to tonnes of online matrimony services, one now resorts to these sites for finding love, and it'll be safe to say that these matrimonial sites have somehow replaced the traditional matchmakers. And while finding a partner online has its pros - various profiles to choose from, tonnes of filters to use, options to block the unwanted creeps, etc., there are cons as well. And one of the major cons that have now become a concern is spotting a fake profile. Yes, creating an online matrimony profile is quite simple, and hence  higher chances of people faking it 

So if you are making an online matrimony profile, here are 5-ways, by which you can spot a fake profile online. Ensure to follow these steps to find someone who is genuine. 

Remember These Steps To Spot A Fake Profile Online

  1. Analyze The Profile Picture: As mentioned earlier, creating an online matrimony profile is quite simple these days. And when it comes to spotting a fake profile, the first thing one must do is carefully analyze the profile picture. If the person wants to connect with you without having a profile picture,  you must consider that as the first red flag. The next thing you need to check is if the age mentioned in the bio matches the profile picture or not. Sometimes, to dupe girls, guys tend to write the wrong age. So if you think there's some issue, you must ask the person and get it cleared since a 30-year-old cannot look like a 20-year-old. Also, don’t trust heavily edited pictures. So, it's necessary to analyze the profile picture, and if you have doubts, you can ask the person to share their recent images with you. 
  1. Check The Basic Information: While making an online matrimony profile, everyone has to add all the necessary information. So, if you get a request from someone with an incomplete profile, you must analyze the profile correctly. If a  person has inconsistent information on his/her profile,  you must try and ask the person for more details. And if the person starts giving some excuses, then you know that this profile is not genuine. Besides, make sure to do a background check of the person on social media as well- you can get to know a lot about the person from Linkedin and other networking sites. If the profile information is incomplete and strange, that's a red flag - please don't proceed with the profile. 
  1. Keep An Eye On Frequent Edits: As per research, people who create fake profiles constantly make frequent edits to their bio. And if you notice that the person is changing the information time and again and is coming up with new information time and again, then that's a red flag. When you create an online matrimony profile, you tend to change your bio once or twice, depending on the information you want to add or edit. However, people who constantly edit their details depending on whom they are speaking to can be considered fake profiles. So if you are looking for a partner online, make sure to keep an eye on profiles that make multiple edits to their account now and then. 
  1. Beware Of Money Talks: While chatting online after two-three conversations, you generally tend to get comfortable with the person. And when you start sharing intimate details with someone, you expect them to do the same as well. And while doing so, if the person ever asks you for money, consider that a bad sign. People with fake online matrimony profiles tend to gain sympathy from people and then scam them by asking for money. So no matter how genuine you think the person is and how much you like them - if someone asks you for money on online matrimony, do not engage with the person who posts that. Just block them, and forget the whole incident. 
  1. Stay Away From People Who Pressurise You: You are creating an online matrimony profile to find a partner- however, not everyone comes there with the same intention.  Some people make a profile with some other intentions in mind. Not everyone you see online is serious about marriage, and when you meet someone like this, make sure to step back right away. Some people act as if they want to get married and pressure the other person to meet them, and once they get what they need, they immediately ghost the other person and even block them online. So if someone is trying to be a pushover, or if someone is dominating you,  make sure to immediately block that person. People who insist on the meeting without revealing much personal information stay away from them. 
  1. Say No To People Who Ask You For Pictures: While creating an online matrimony profile, you upload a few images to complete your profile. And once you do that, you are not obligated to share more pictures with the people you are chatting with until things get serious. While talking, if someone asks you for images, consider that as a red flag and block the profile, if needed. People create fake profiles online, ask for images from the girls, and use them to blackmail for money or some other reason. So if someone asks you for pictures, no matter how much you like that person, don't share them randomly. 

So if you are seeking love online, make sure to be aware of such fake profiles. As soon as you see these signs, report the account, block the person and step back. Don't engage with people if you think something is fishy. The internet is filled with genuine and fake profiles, and these points will help you distinguish the fake from the genuine ones. 

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