Spot A Fake Lehenga with These 6 Tips

Fake lehenga

Designer outfits are expensive, but they have a charm that speaks to the price. Be it the intricate design or the craftily skilled borders-there's something about designer wear that makes them look and feel so royale. And if you are someone who has always dreamt of buying a designer lehenga for your wedding and are planning to buy one soon, this article is surely for you. While shopping for designer outfits, we often come across some outfits that look designer but actually are first or second copies. 

And to save you from such scams, here are six ways to teach you how to  spot a fake lehenga for your wedding. If you are okay with the copies and don't mind wearing one, that's completely fine. However, if you are someone who doesn't know how to spot the difference,  we have curated these tips for you. Use these tips to understand the difference between fake and real, and you can thank us later. 

Use These Tips To Spot A Fake Lehenga

  1. Designer Stores Are Limited: If you are someone who has never bought anything designer, we have one BIG news for you. The news is, unlike other brands, designer brands have limited stores. Yep, the designer outfits that you love can be sold only via limited licensed stores. Designers never sell their stuff in every second store- there are only a few shops or boutiques that display their work, and that's where they sell their outfits. Some sites help you source a designer Lehenga for rent, but places like Chandni Chowk in Delhi, certainly do not sell designer stuff for wedding. And while they will try to lure you by saying that it's OG, trust us, it's not. 
  1. Check  The Quality Of Blouses And Dupattas: Want to know how you can spot a fake wedding lehenga? The simplest way is to check the blouse and dupatta the store is offering you with the lehenga. When it comes to first and second copies, the maker gives  detailed attention to the lehenga, which is what instinctively decides every bride's pick. Very little attention goes to the dupatta- hence you must check the blouse and dupatta to see if it has the same premium look and feel.
  1. Check The Packaging Of The Lehenga: So the quality of the lehenga is top-notch, the price is pretty decent- however, you are still not convinced whether it's OG or not. Well, one of the easiest ways to spot a fake wedding lehenga is by asking the shopkeeper to show you the box he will give you the lehenga in. Remember, designers usually have very premium packaging- even their boxes have logos and a premium look to them. And we are sure the shopkeeper won't be able to give you the same box, so when you think something is not right, do not hesitate to ask for the packaging of your wedding lehenga. Because that will make everything crystal clear. 
  1. Check And Compare With The Display Piece: Some store owners put the original outfit as a display to attract customers, but what they sell them is a copy. So whenever you go shopping, make sure to check and compare the piece the shopkeeper is showing you and the one used as a display. Shopkeepers think that the customers won't be able to differentiate between the two, but be smart and check the quality before purchasing anything. You will be wearing it for your marriage, so don’t settle for any random outfit. And if you aren't satisfied with the quality, look for a barcode. You'll be surprised to know that all designer outfits have a barcode and a number attached to them which has all the information. And if your lehenga doesn't have it, then it's a fake lehenga. 
  1. Use The Power Of Social Media: We all live, breathe, eat and consume social media heavily. And to cater to a wider audience, designers always display their latest collections and work on social media. So if you love a lehenga by a particular designer and want to wear it for your marriage, don't shy away from checking their collection online first before buying. So while shopping, ask the shopkeeper the name of the lehenga or the collection it is from, look up the design or the specific lehenga's original photo online. If you don't find  the similar information, you will know that it's a fake lehenga, and if at all you find it online, well, then it's a STEAL DEAL. 
  1. It's All In The Details: If nothing works, take a fashion-savvy friend with you while shopping. Someone who consumes fashion daily will be able to help you with their knowledge. Ask them to carefully analyze the lehenga that you are planning to buy for your marriage and pay attention to every detail. Most designer wedding lehengas involve hand embroidery and not machine work, which should be evident when you pay close attention. And the work on these fake wedding lehenga usually wears out and looks too rusty, which again is unappealing. So act smartly, and look at the lehenga or outfits you choose very carefully. From the embroidery to the patchwork, buttons, hooks, and zips, everything should be checked. Trust us, even the zips used by designers and shopkeepers  are way different. And paying attention to these little details will help you understand if the lehenga is fake or not. 

Also, these tips are not only limited to lehengas- no matter which designer outfits you decide to purchase, always use these tips to check if the piece you are buying is authentic or not. We all know designer brands are expensive, and we don't want you to spend your hard-earned on something that's not OG. On that note, if you have some additional tips, do share them with us in the comments below.

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