Set Up Your Wedding Budget With These 6 Easy Steps

Wedding budget

Indian weddings may surely be known for their taste, culture, and ethnicity, but they are also known for the lavish and pompous festivities that run for a minimum of 3-4 days . From royal weddings in Rajasthan to romantic and aesthetically pleasing weddings in Goa, weddings in India, at times, can cost you crores. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot have a wedding on a budget. With the right planning, informed choices, and knowing what you need, a budget weddings in India can  definitely happen .  

If you are going to get hitched soon and don't want to spend an insane amount on your wedding, we have created a perfect wedding guide for you that'll not only help you plan your wedding on a budget but will also help you to plan the wedding of your dreams. So, dear couples, read on, follow these rules and set your wedding budget. 

Step By Step Wedding Guide For Setting Up A Wedding Budget 

  1. Decide What You Need: There's a difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Wants are something that we always fancy, whereas the need is something we  cannot live without. Similarly, when it comes to weddings, the first thing you and your partner should decide is  what both of  you genuinely need for your wedding. Ask questions like: Do we need to have a theme? Can we have an intimate wedding? Is there a need to have a big wedding? Such questions will help you decide what you need. The idea here is to ensure that you don't run after the glam & grandeur and  rationally think about it. If you and your partner are okay with a small wedding, start talking about the next step. 
  1. Talk Money: When it comes to money, there's no need for you to be awkward. Everyone has a different estimate for weddings hence it is always better to talk about it. Meet with your family, invite your partner and their family and discuss the wedding budget. Once you get an idea of how much both the families can contribute, you can discuss other things. How much can you spend given all the after marriage expenses you will have? Are the savings going to be used? From your monthly income, can you save and still contribute to the wedding? Once you and your partner discuss all these things, you will have an estimated wedding budget in place. You can easily have budget weddings in India, and once you're on the same page, planning other things becomes equally simple. 
  1. Discuss The Guest List: Now that you have an estimated wedding budget, the next thing you need to discuss is the guest list. The cost of a wedding also depends on guest count. The number of people you decide to invite will not only determine your venue - it will also determine the amount you need to keep for food and beverages,  the two hefty wedding expenses. Once you roughly decide the guest list, you can map out the per-person cost, which will help you finalize the budget. The guest count will help you understand all you need to pay. And to be honest, weddings on a budget are possible, and with recent trends, modern couples prefer having an intimate wedding. To discuss the wedding guest list since that helps to cut down on wedding costs. 
  1. Decide Non-Negotiable Things: Setting up a wedding budget is not simple, and while doing so, you and your partner may have different opinions. For example, you are okay with a backyard wedding, but your fiancé wants a beach wedding, and to avoid such fights and differences in opinion, it is always better to clear your priorities. Ask a few questions to yourself and your partner: What's that one thing that's non-negotiable? What are the priorities? Both of you can pick one item each that you need and plan your wedding budget accordingly. People spend an insane amount on weddings, but planning budget weddings in India is always a YES. So decide your priorities, allocate a bigger sum of your budget to them, and then you can use the remaining budget on other things. 
  1. Research Is The Key: For setting the ideal wedding budget, you have to research thoroughly about every cost that will incur. From wedding cakes to outfits, you need to figure out the charges for everything. And if you hire a wedding vendor to do everything, you will need to be extra careful. Since vendors have hidden costs and to save  some money, do proper market research so that you don't get any last-minute shocks from the vendors. Research about the type of marriage you want, adjust your plans accordingly, keep some buffer amount in mind - and there you have your final wedding budget. Make sure to set a wedding budget of 20 percent extra of what you have in mind so that you don't compromise on things you need. 
  1. The Wedding Budget: After preparing the guest list, analyzing the cost as per season, decor, food, etc., you will now have your wedding budget. Sit down with your partner and see if things fit in the budget, if you need extra money or not. And once all the doubts are solved, you are set to plan your dream  wedding  with the correct  budget you set by planning things with your partner. 

Weddings on a budget are possible once you set the  budget right. We hope that this wedding guide helps you plan the wedding of your life. If you know some other parameters that one needs to keep in mind,  do let us know in the comments. 

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