Pro Tips to Handle Rejection

Pro Tips to Handle Rejection

Rejection is inevitable and each of us has to face it in some way or the other at some point in our lives. But different people have different ways of handling rejection and how you handle it tells a lot about your personality and behavior. 

However, rejection in a relationship, whether before wedding or after, hits differently and is a lot more painful for some people to process. Many of them get surrounded by negativity and start to think less of themselves. You might even find some people literally begging their partners to stick together.

But rejection is often unavoidable and forcing someone to stay with you is not a way to deal with it. So, below given are a few thumb rules to deal with rejection in relationships and move ahead in life. These points will not just help you move on but also save your self-respect from shattering into pieces. 

Accept and Respect

Acceptance is the first step towards moving forward in life. Once you accept that a person you adore does not feel the same way for you, the problem is half-solved. This will release you from the burden of one-sided emotions and opens your heart to look for other compatible options. Also, this will make things easier for the other person as well and they will always respect and adore you to not complicate things for them. 

Always remember that you can never force the other person to feel the same for you as you do for them. So, it’s better to accept their decision wholeheartedly and move ahead with the same positivity to find your own betterhalf. And this applies to even if you’ve found someone through a matrimony platform.

Send Small Emotional Texts

No one in their sound mind will rejoice to hurt or reject you. So, they must be already going through a lot if they do so. They might have even contemplated your situation for many days before actually saying it to you. Now naturally, sending a long emotional text to them is not going to help them with their confession. A small text or a simple ‘ok, all the best for your future’ might help them move with ease. 

However, it might be harder for you to detach yourself from the person at that moment. But you can always use your friends and little booze to divert your energy to better places. So, save your heavy emotional texts for later and allow yourself to look for better chances after getting rejected by someone who was not meant for you. 

Appreciate Transparency

If someone is courageous enough to tell you about their actual feeling, you can also try being humble enough to understand their emotions. The world is already full of cheats and shallow relationships. So, if someone is being genuine about their emotions for you, you must appreciate their honesty and thank them for being transparent all through. 

Such a gesture will make it easier for both you and them to get on with your lives in a smooth way. You can also take the rejection in a positive way or as the start of something new in your life. The rejection or the end of a relationship with someone is not the end for you. It is just the end of one of the phases in your life.

Changed Perspective

Perspective makes a lot of difference in handling any situation. A positive and negative outlook on any circumstances can change a lot about it. So, if you are getting rejected by someone or after a long relationship, whether before your wedding or after, take it as a closure, not the absolute end. You can start with NOT taking the rejection personally and understanding that he/she is not meant to be with you. It is more about the incompatible relationship than you being incompatible with the other person. The process is called Cognitive Reframing. Here, the person is able to shift his mindset from a single point of perspective and view their situation from a wider angle. This will help you realize the totality of the situation and not fall prey to any depression or trauma post rejection.

So, these are some of the points you can practice after getting rejected by something or someone. It will help you transfer your energy in a positive direction and find someone worth your emotions later.

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