Planning Your Second Wedding? Keep These 6 Things in Your Mind

second wedding

When it comes to love and marrying the love of your life, people often think that it's a one-time thing. As a society, we believe that matches are made in heaven, and we only find TRUE love once in a lifetime. However, times are changing, things are changing, and it's high time we stop believing in such things. For some, love and marriage can happen more than once, and it's completely normal and okay. You don't have to be apologetic for leaving your partner for XYZ reasons and then considering a second wedding. With that said, if you are someone who is planning a second wedding, here are some things we want you to keep in mind. Read on, and these tips will help you in the wedding planning process. 

Things To Consider While Planning Your Second Wedding 

  1. Carefully Plan The Guestlist: Yes, you are getting married for the second time, and you have all the right in the world to be happy and celebrate this moment with pomp and grandeur. And to ensure that you only get good vibes, be very selective with your guest list. Invite people who are genuinely happy for you and can't wait to see you happy. Don't invite former spouses, in-laws, and your former partner's friends. Refrain from inviting people who are waiting to gossip at your second wedding. Keep in mind that you want to be surrounded by supportive people, so narrow down the guest list to the family and friends who have been with you in good and bad times. 
  1. Don't Forget To Plan A Dreamy Honeymoon: You are planning your second wedding, and we are sure you are apprehensive about a few things. However, it's time to keep those things aside and plan things that truly make you happy. Plan a dreamy honeymoon with your partner and enjoy the romantic moments with each other. If you have a country you both want to visit, or a place that you have on your bucket list for the longest time, then wait no more and plan a perfect trip right away. You deserve a fabulous honeymoon, so don't think twice about it and add this to your wedding planning list. 
  1. Go All Out With Your Outfit: Just because you are planning your second wedding, it doesn't mean that you have to keep it mellow and lowkey in terms of your outfit. Don't fear being judged, and wear whatever your heart desires. Don't repeat the same old wedding lehenga - instead, rebrand it or buy a brand new lehenga and dress like the bride of your partner's dream. And this is the same for the groom as well. Go all out for your second planning; keep in mind that you are marrying someone who loves you the most; hence you have to look THE best for them. 
  1. Plan A Fun Destination Wedding: People who plan a second wedding don't want to make much noise about it; however, we suggest that you go all out and plan the wedding of your dreams. Don't shy away from anything. Like others, you deserve to be happy, so plan a fun destination wedding. Invite the closest people and take them on a mini holiday where you decide to get hitched. Keep in mind that it's your BIG day, and planning it in the best possible way is a must. So look for a lavish resort, and plan an intimate destination wedding. 
  1. Make Noise About It: Don't feel embarrassed or don't think much about society; you are happy, and that's what matters. So go all out with your second wedding and make noise about it. Let people know that you are marrying someone who truly loves you for who you are. Ignore haters and focus on just living in the moment. Think about your partner and the fact that you two will be living together soon. Think about all the good things that have started to unfold. All these things matter the most. So if you want to do some PDA on social media, do it; if you want to let the world know, don't be shy; it's your wedding, so make some noise and enjoy every occasion. 
  1. Create Memories: You may have some fears, and we completely get that, but that shouldn't stop you from creating memories. Your second wedding is special, and it should be much better than your first one, so be open to everything. Do a pre wedding shoot, do all the functions with style and class, hire the best photographers and capture every moment. Check out various photographers' work and shortlist them, keeping your ideas in mind. You don't have to rush, so add this to your wedding planning list and ensure that you settle for only the best. 

Life is giving you a second chance, so make the most of it. Don't shy away from celebrating your second wedding. You deserve all the love and happiness; hence go all out and plan the best wedding possible. 

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