No ‘Fraaaandship’ Please: A Complete Guide on What Not to Say to Women Online


Hey, dear!’ ‘Nice Pic Dea!’ ‘What's your number?’

These are some popular phrases about which you must have seen memes doing rounds on social media sites. Despite all of them being meme-worthy, you would not want to start your conversation with your betterhalf like this! is a platform that understands the struggles of women they go through daily on dating platforms and elsewhere on the Internet. We also understand their personalities very well, and that’s why we are here to tell you how women like their men!

This thing is open for debate that different people can like to have different tastes when choosing their compatible partners. But here are a few key things that a man should not say to women online because believe us, these things don’t work while conversing with the fairer gender.

So, you might want to go through this read while you happen to grab a few moments off your partner’s time. This will help you find more about the “ Lost art of not annoying women you meet online”. So, let’s get started!

Be Authentic

We are not advising you to chuck off the “Hey, how you doin’?” It isn’t wrong. But going by the ratio of women users on dating platforms to men users, you have to be more authentic to attract attention. There’s nothing wrong in asking to start your conversation with a simple ‘Hi’, but it isn't right either. Also, this is not something that comes into the category of vulgar or indecent. But this isn’t unique. To initiate the conversation with the one you like on the internet, you have to be more authentic while not being cheesy. If not something, you can go with “Your smile is so fresh, I forgot it was a bad day”, as it is still better than a dry ‘Hiee’. A little bit of creativity won’t hurt anyone and it may bring a smile to her face.

Ask More, Tell Less!

This point in our guide of how to talk decently with women online is about a psychological experiment! In a world where each one of us has so much to speak, if you want your betterhalf to be hooked on to you, listen to them with your full attention. Because active listening is magical. Don’t bombard them with all kinds of information. Instead, seek the same by listening more. You can ask them about their profession, interests, what kind of music they like to listen to, the idea of their humor, hobbies, etc. As you will spend more time with them, you will slowly get to know more and more about them. It will surely help you make that decision if you like the other person or not. Also, if you don’t believe us, you would believe in scholars who deduced that people love listeners over talkers.

Sense of Humour

Don’t crack your dark humor jokes right away! This is a big NO as you can make them feel awkward. First, you have to understand what kind of humor they are into. Ask her about what kind of stand-up comedians she is into, and then make your next humorous move accordingly. You both might like the same brand of comedy. There is a possibility that she only likes PJs and if you are still into her, try calibrating with her likes. Who knows, if you introduce her to your sense of humor slowly, she will start to like it. Also remember, there’s no greater joy than laughing together.

Don’t be Creepy

We sincerely request to not creep out women online. This is the last thing a woman wants to experience on dating platforms. Not a single woman finds it sexy if you send messages like “Send Bobs And Vagene”. This has become a national meme, and maybe you had come across it too. People across the globe also attach this with Indian men online. And let us tell you that Indian men deserve to be more chivalrous, and sleaziness is not the way to do it!

Don’t Sound Desperate!

Nobody likes desperate people around themselves. So, if your idea of approaching a woman online is to send her a friend request straight off, we would strongly advise you to not do this. Neither go on a heart-throwing Instagram spree on her profile nor think of leaving comments like “Nyc PiC” on every photo! Show interest, but enjoy your life too. Women like a little mystery, and humans generally appreciate the patience. You are better off striking a conversation first!

And this brings us to the Most Important Part...

Give all your focus to ensure she has a good time with you. You don’t want to create an uncomfortable aura around you. There should be no sleaziness, forcefulness, or cheap acts like blackmailing. Try to make a simple, genuine conversation. Be curious about her part of life. Do not forget to respect her boundaries. And if she still doesn't find interest in you despite doing all the amazing things, walk away. Don’t send multiple ‘Why are you not replying?” messages. Learn to take a hint when she is not interested in you.

No one’s ever without their phones these days. So, if someone has been ignoring you for hours, and maybe weeks…you don’t INTEREST them! And do not think there’s something wrong with you. No! Don’t take it to heart! Because let us promise you that there’s someone who gets your sense of humor and wants to open up to someone like you. You can try your luck on Until then, just remember respect and patience!

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