Love Lessons We Can Learn From Bollywood Couples


Bollywood is like a lifeline for most people in our country. Bollywood was our first gateway for many people where they learned about love. We agree that some of those lessons have not aged well because of their problematic handling. But with changing times, Bollywood has also evolved and managed to learn the lessons. Thanks to the new stars who understand how to portray love both on-screen and off-screen in a correct way.

Bollywood stars are a huge entity in our country. To the extent that some people even worship them. We admire them for several different reasons - their style, preferences, vacations, roles they’ve played, how connected we feel with them, and many more things. But today, we want to talk about the lessons we can borrow from their relationships in real life. Because some of them have handled their personal life so well that it’s almost impossible to remain uninspired by it. 

Since, we, at, believe in the power of love and help people find their soulmates, we will unfold a few love lessons from the lives of Bollywood couples. You all know these couples very well. We’ve some beautiful stories for you to look up to and imbibe in our lives. So, without any further ado, here are some beautiful lessons.

1. Opposites do attract – Ranveer & Deepika

They are easily among the most-talked-about couples in India. But if you give it a minute to think about it, no one imagined them being together because of their opposite personalities from each other. Deepika is mysteriously beautiful, graceful, and not very vocal about her personal life except on a few occasions.

On the other hand, we’ve Ranveer Singh, who is carefree, charming, and always bursting with energy. So, if you notice, you’ll find out that they match each other’s contrasting personalities. And that’s why they fit so perfectly!

Moral of the story? Well, never shy away or give up on someone just because they have a contrasting personality from yours. You never know where you will find your Ranveer or Dipika.

2. Nothing more matters in love than love – Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan

Nothing matters when you’re in love. We repeat, nothing! 

Saif Ali Khan didn’t think twice before marrying for the second time (His first marriage was with Amrita Singh) to someone ten years younger than him. Kareena Kapoor, one of the leading stars of Bollywood, decided to marry Saif Ali Khan without hearing the voice from outside. For them, love was most important. Nothing else mattered.

Even after marriage and pregnancy, Kareena handled her career with finesse. That is why she’s still one of the leading actresses of India.

From them, you can learn how to be graceful and make your own rules as a couple without giving heed to society. Also, one more thing - Everyone deserves true love even if it arrives at a different age than expected.

3. Patience can make true love walk in – Mira Rajput & Shahid Kapoor

 Firstly, let’s take a moment in appreciating the fact that Mira and Shahid met each other outside of their professions and through their parents. Cut to today, both of them are head over heels in love. One of the biggest proof is how frequently they can be seen showing affection towards each other publicly.

We all have our apprehensions and different mindsets about the traditional ways of getting married. Well, news flash! This couple has an arranged marriage, and the love they hold is unreal.

And this is the love lesson we all can learn from Mira and Shahid about how to be patient with old customs and allow love to do its wonders.

4. The best way to begin is through friendship- Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh

Genelia and Ritesh are one of the most loved Bollywood couples. We, personally, love them so much. When they first met and started dating, she was a teenager and he was in his twenties. And everything went so smoothly - Friends to best friends to lovers to life partners. Their love bloomed as they progressed. 

However, if you look closely, it was their initial friendship that made their bond so strong. 

Friendship is the secret to a successful marriage. Hence the pro tip- Be BFF first and a couple later. 😉

5. Support and Consistency makes it happen – Anushka Sharma & Virat Kholi

You must have seen the abuse and vicious comments on Anushka’s social media posts whenever Virat performs badly in a match. Some media outlets have also linked his performance with Anushka. All of this must be so hurtful to both Anushka and Virat. But this couple chose to stand together, support, and embrace each other consistently without caring about what people say about them.

In many interviews, Virat himself admitted that Anushka is the reason behind his immense growth as a player and most importantly, human being. For the past few years, we’ve been seeing her phenomenal achievements. She recently started a production company and has been giving chances to so many new talents. They both are on the top of their game right now. And we are sure, they will touch new heights.

The secret behind their success as a couple is their indifference to outside noise. The love lesson for us is no matter what people say, don’t let yourself be affected. Do what you want to do.

Apart from the couples we talked about, there are several others from whom you can take love lessons and help your relationship grow. You only need to observe and learn. Trust us you will be okay!

Do let us know about your favorite takeaway from all these learnings in the comments below. Or if you want to tell us about some other couple that we missed, you’re welcome! If you are someone ready to create your own love story, you know where to start - :p

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