Know About These 5 Stages of a Relationship from a Love Coach

love coach

A relationship is a tricky business. However, most people prefer a love coach to help them understand the stages of relationships. We cannot always get one when in need. But a clear idea of relationship stages can actively act as your compatible match finder always!

The stages of a relationship can even help people determine the depth of their bond with their partner. It will also let you analyze some do’s and don'ts that you must follow to strengthen your connection. Apart from that, you both will find yourself more active in fixing mistakes and damages and can mend them. 

But how can you avail of these advantages if you are completely ignorant about the stages in a relationship? Well, do not panic. The article will help you with the guide. It will make sure that you are following all the rules and enjoying a blissful experience with your partner. 

So, here is a complete list of the several relationship stages that will act as your love coach and ensure good times ahead. 


Infatuation or attraction is the first stage in any relationship. It usually happens immediately after you see someone or talk with them for the first time. You might find yourself entirely enamored by their personality and wants to have frequent conversations with them. 

This is the stage where you are crushing hard over the person. Many of you will get almost blind by your crush’s spark and fails to notice anything negative about him/her. Do not be surprised if you are having some tickling sensation every time your crush walks past you. Sensing butterflies in your stomach is extremely common during this period. So, the first stage is full of excitement, nervousness, and lots of fondness for your crush.

Love Proposal

The second stage is one of the most alarming stages for anyone who is looking to propose to their crush. The time comes with a lot of confusion and excitement before the actual proposal. You might get multiple thoughts about it. If you shall go ahead with the proposal or not, if he/she feels the same way as you or not, and doubts likewise. 

But all you must remember is that it is better to do it and face the fact than to make your own facts. Maximum, they will refuse your proposal and you will get the clarity about the situation between you two. Also, you can move ahead with someone who is equally interested and is worth your time. 

However, if you two can manage to come together after a proposal, you will go through the next step as mentioned below.

Courting Period

It is the most crucial period to help you two know each other. Couples usually spend quite a lot of time with each other during this time. They will gradually start analyzing their partner’s behavior and starts to think about the future. You might find a few negative aspects of your partner during this time. 

So, do not irk or panic. It is completely normal and no human exists without mistakes. You might find a few problematic traits of a person but make sure you talk it out with them only at the right time. You can even connect with a love coach to help you assist with this conversation. 

But that’s not all! Courting days are also the most romantic days of your relationship. So, live it all before it lasts. These are days with fewer or no issues and absolute bliss. 

Marriage Proposal

This is the biggest step one can take in a relationship. It is the phase of complete commitment and no looking back. So, it is better if you connect with a love coach before moving ahead with the idea.

A person will only propose to you for marriage when they have complete clarity about their future with you. It also means that you two have entirely accepted each other for what you are and still want the same thing.

But the stage comes with lots of commitments and responsibilities, unlike the courtship days. So, make sure you are ready to bear with it all before going for a marriage alliance. However, if you still found someone worth the trouble, go for it!

Married Life

This is the most beautiful time in a person’s life. The beginning of married days will take you on a lot of inexperienced journeys. You will love making memories with your spouses and wants to be with them all the time.

However, it might not remain the same after a few days of your marriage. You two will get busy with your work and responsibilities. So, make sure that you plan frequent trips to escape the monotony. This will help break the ice in-between and bring back the lost warmth between you two. 

So, these are the five stages of a relationship between two people. The article will help you decide which is your stage of a relationship work as a perfect match finder!

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