How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Matches on


We, at, aim to make the process of finding your compatible partner easier than ever. And to achieve the desired results, we are always making efforts. Some of the users on our app have complained that despite using the platform for a while, they aren’t getting enough compatible matches. Providing a solution to our customers’ concerns is our primary task as, without our customers, we will be reduced to nothing.

That’s why we have decided to share a few tips that will help you increase your chances of getting more matches on the platform. In this post, we will discuss some ideas regarding the same. Let’s dive in without wasting a second!

Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Matches on


Bio is one of the most important aspects that people often ignore when creating their profiles on any platform. For other people on the platform, your bio would be the first thing they would come across on your profile. And just like you don’t take filling your profile on social media and networking sites lightly, you shouldn’t take matrimony platforms lightly either.

Since you will not be physically present to tell about yourself, you should focus on giving your best shot. More the details on your profile, the better will be the overview of your personality! While you complete your bio, you should remember to add a side of your true personality into it – Love reading? Keeping fit and practicing yoga? Like to spend weekends traveling? A hustler with a corporate job? Just show the other person a side of you that you truly are, and you will be increasing the chances.


Include your current job and location – I work at Microsoft in Bangalore.

Tell them about your hobbies – In my free time, you can find me reading and painting.

Add a line on your partner preference – I would love to be with someone who has clearly defined goals and is passionate about achieving them.

Include your personality type – I am an introvert but once I get comfortable with the right people around me, I can be a chatterbox.

Always Upload UPDATED Photos

After reading your bio, your potential betterhalf would most probably come down to your photos. To see what you look like. While trying to put their best photo on the platform, people often put a photo from the past. Sorry to tell you, but this isn’t a good thing to do. Because you should let people see how you look now. And the only way to ensure the same is to have the latest photo on your profile. Also, make sure the picture is not filtered with a lot of layers and is of good quality.

Extending our point, the following types of pictures are a big NO-NO.

Image with Cropped face – Pictures that are cropped from the top or aligned extremely right/ left won’t work well. If your potential match is unable to see you clearly, the chances to get a match are pretty low.

Group image – You don’t want people playing the ‘Guessing Game’. So, better not to create confusion for them. 🙂

Shirtless pictures – Please, NO! (Save these for Instagram or fitness videos, maybe?)

Pictures in Which You’re Absent – You should be in your picture, that’s pretty basic. Right? Baby pictures, God/ Goddess pictures, nature pictures, etc. should be ignored.

Once you take care of all these factors, make sure to view them by yourself before uploading.


Hey, one pro tip! It would be better if you keep your ‘Camera Shyness’ aside for some time, and upload at least 3 pictures. These could be related to trekking, your vacation, something you created, etc. This will help other people trust your profile. Also, they will showcase you in a better light.

Take & Complete the compatibility test:

As you can see the ‘AI’ attached with Betterhalf in our name, recommends your profiles of compatible partners as per your compatibility with others. However, to make sure it works, you will have to take the first step - Take up our 2-min personality quiz! With the help of this quiz, our AI will understand your preferences better. So, it’s pretty evident how this helps you and how it can not if you haven’t taken it yet. Our sincere suggestion? TAKE IT TODAY!! And notice the changes by yourself.

Mention at least 3 Languages

As per our understanding, we found that people, who mention at least three languages, have more chances of getting compatible matches. So, while setting up your partner preferences, try to mention at least three languages. They can be Hindi, English, and your mother tongue. Let us tell you the reason behind the increased chances - Our AI will compare languages and match you with your betterhalf accordingly. Hence, more languages give more advantages.

Be Flexible with Your Partner Preferences:

“Rigidity causes things to break.” — Keeping this in mind, we would advise you to be flexible when it comes to your betterhalf’s preferences. People with flexible preferences automatically get more connections. And by flexible, we mean you should not be rigid on one thing and keep your options open.

For example: Adding metro cities in your city preferences will help you expand and your profile will automatically reach more potential connections. Also, height preferences – You should mention a range and not the exact height you want your partner to be. It is not just right!

You should understand that having such flexibility in your overall desires and as well as personality helps you see the bigger picture and not get lost in the petty specific details.

Get Sparkle :

We also want to tell you about your special feature available for all the men to use. This also makes it easier for all women to make a decision. With SPARKLE, you can be on the top of that whole list of requests your connection gets. If you are a guy who is serious about finding a partner, sending a sparkle can help you. Send it your connection and be on the priority list in no time. By being a Sparkle user you can be 10x more likely to make a connection and conversation.

“Love does involve fate but we sure can make it happen with some will and easy steps. If taking these small steps makes you meet the love of your life then why not?”

-with love, for love.

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