How To Be Confident on Your First Date?

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First date is one of the inevitable things in life and also the one which gives people anxiety attacks. Even though you have done a hundred rehearsals before meeting your date or have the perfect outfit ready for the romantic evening, all of us will still feel like not having the confidence to make an engaging conversation and connection with the date. We have created a list of dating tips to make yourself feel confident on your first date. Because we understand that many people face this issue on their first date. We don’t want your first date to be something ordinary. To make it special, check out these dating tips for your first date. 

Calm Down 

Going for a first date? Pretty exciting and getting anxious right. Don’t worry because most people must have the same feeling on their first date. Instead, you should focus on yourself to be more relaxed. Try to do something that’ll make you feel relaxed like working out, swimming, listening to music or taking a small nap before you step out to your wedding venue.  

And another way to calm yourself is by avoiding last minute preparations. This will help in setting your mind at the correct mindset for your wonderful time ahead with your date. Who knows your date might also be feeling anxious about the date.

Be Yourself

It might sound simple but hard to follow, because nobody wants to embarrass or want their date to hate them by being themselves. But trust us, being yourself is the only way to attract the right kind of people who truly care and admire you. If you are still feeling anxious about the meeting with your date, try to make yourself calm by doing something mentioned in the previous point.

Because when you are dating and when someone tries to understand you, there is no point in wearing a mask and showing a different version of yourself. This might work when you are dating, but when things get serious it’ll bring a disaster. Be yourself when you are dating the same as when you are with your friends, this way you can avoid heartbreak by not getting into a wrong relationship.

You tend to make wrong promises and hopes to your dating partner when you are not being yourself with them. When they know about your true self after committing to a relationship, they will end up with frustration and might break up with you. 

Being yourself also boosts your confidence by framing your mind to attract only the right people that match your energy and vibes.

Stay Open-minded

Your dating partner might have habits, hobbies or interests, which will be completely different from yours. But this doesn't mean your relationship has to come to an end. You can still embrace the difference between you two and make things work. 

For instance, if your partner likes to go hiking twice a month but you like binge watching anime or Kdrama, you can accompany your partner at least once a month instead of two times. Leaving your comfort zone and making a small sacrifice that doesn’t hurt your feelings will strengthen your relationship. 

Be open minded to explore the hobbies and interests of each other, this way both of you can find some new hobbies which you haven’t tried before and might end up doing things often which you hate to do before. 

Be Prepared

Having a little preparation about what to ask your date and what to answer when they ask you certain questions will help to avoid random silence. And we are not saying that random silence is not okay. It’s okay to have silence in between your conversations. However, mostly the first date is all about getting to know each other and this can be done only when you share things with each other. 

By asking questions only you can get to know whether they like your favourite series/anime, like to play games or not, about their hobbies and favourite cuisine. But you can’t remember all the questions you’ve prepared. What you can do is prepare yourself before the date night and this will surely help you break the silence between you two. 

Nothing’s Personal

Until you are getting into a serious relationship, take nothing personal during the dating phase. Because when dating, you are just trying to find a perfect partner for a better future. So there is nothing wrong in making a few trials to find that perfect one.

Everyone gets their heart broken when their first date ends without any hope for the next one. And start to think that they should have done something that hid their true feelings. For instance, things like agreeing to a discussion which you feel not to agree with but still agreeing just to continue the date. These kinds of things are bad for your mental health since it leads to self blaming and self hating. 

It's hard to stop overthinking but still possible to do if you want to lead a happy life with a perfect partner. You can also overcome this by understanding that the right person will always find a way to be with you.

Remember your first date may or maynot be your last date, but preparing yourself to face any kind of situation might come handy. The above mentioned things will help you to be more confident and help you to acquire a second option to move ahead in a relationship.

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