Guys Should Avoid Doing These 7 Things On First Date

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The first date is always special and memorable for all of us. Be it a guy or a girl, we all cherish our first dates and want to make sure that we come across as genuine people. And while doing so, there are a bunch of things that guys do, which women don't appreciate. Some are bound by their habit, some are simply unaware about it, but there are certain things that guys should and certainly can avoid doing on the first date. And if you are a clueless guy, don't worry; we have created the ‘Don'ts’ list for you. Consider this as your first date rules, and ensure that you follow all of them. Also follow them if you really see a wedding-type future with this woman. 

First dates are fun, and to make sure that the woman is comfortable too, you must note down these things by all means. 

7 First Date Rules Guys Should Keep In Mind

  1. Don't Trash Talk Other Women: We are in the 21st century, where everyone has the right to put their points across - however, there's a slight difference between talking sense and talking trash. And when you put down other women in hopes to impress the woman sitting in front of you, trust us, you are doing no good. So as one of the vital first date rules, guys should avoid using statements like: "You are so different from other women, You are both beautiful and brains, unlike others." When you tell a woman that she's so much better than other women you have met, you sound rude and come out as sexist. So even if she is the best person you've come across in a while, don't say it on her face. Put it subtly without sounding sexist or else forget about the second date. And if you are already dreaming of planning a wedding with her right at the first date, then ensure that you only speak sense. 
  1. Avoid Playing A Character: Yes, it's your first date, but you don't need to go all out and be someone you are not. This poses a great difficulty once you get serious and think about marriage. Guys should avoid being someone else and embrace their true selves. You must remember that it's not a job interview, this person might be the one you plan a wedding with in the future. Hence, the objective should be to be comfortable and not solely to impress the other person. Yes, you want to make the best impression and want the person to like you, but for that, all you need to do is - be yourself. Be true to who you are,  polite, patient, and calm, and rest will follow. 
  1. Don't Be Chivalrous If Not Required: Chivalry is flattering, and most women appreciate men being courteous, but not everyone is into it! As a first date rule, don't impose chivalry if not appreciated. If she wants to split the bill, respect her choice and do that by all means. In fact, this is something that guys should follow even after marriage. Guys should avoid showing that they can take care of it, especially when she wants to split. You can maybe pay for the next date, but for this one, if the woman wants to pay her half, let her do it. Chivalry can also come out as being pretentious if overdone, so keep that in mind. So if you dream of planning your wedding with this girl, don’t over do it. 
  1. Don't Constantly Be On Your Phone: In this day and age, nothing is permanent, but addiction to our phones is. And if you are constantly on your phone, you know what we are talking about. However, when it comes to the first date, guys should avoid constantly being on the phone by all means. If you are on a date with someone, make sure to be there 100 per cent. Being on the phone is unflattering, rude and you would come off as uninterested. And while you might be forced out of habit to check your phone 10-times in 5 minutes, the other person will find it disrespectful. So as a first date rule, enjoy the moment and don't be on your phone. And once everything goes well, ensure that you follow this rule even after your third date and also after marriage. 
  1. Wine And Don't Whine: As a conversation starter, people usually talk about relationships and their dating history- however, one doesn't need to go all out about it on the first date. Guys should avoid asking too many questions to women about their ex, and similarly, they should dodge whining about their ex-girlfriends. Statements like - My ex was controlling; she was possessive, etc., do no good. Don't start grilling your ex for no reason - it makes you look stupid, nothing else. Hence, consider this as a first date rule, and do not whine or trash talk your ex. If things go well, you will have many dates to explain what went wrong in your relationship - the first date is certainly not the best time. Even after your wedding, don’t talk about such things, trust us, no woman appreciates it. 
  1. Don't Be A Show Off: Men usually think that women love them for their hot body, successful career, and charisma. Sorry to break your bubble, but you are wrong. Women appreciate men for their kindness, attitude, and ability to listen. Any woman will prefer being with a humble, grounded person over a hot one. If you’re hot, it’s a plus. So as a first date rule, guys should avoid showing off. It's unnecessary, and to be honest, makes you look superficial. So don't show off your body or wealth - women are not impressed by that anymore. Even at your wedding or post marriage, be nice to the woman, that’s all matters. 
  1. Don't Make Inappropriate Comments: At times we mean something else, but it comes out as an inappropriate snarky comment that no one appreciates. Guys should avoid commenting on the woman's body on her face. If you want to compliment them, do it subtly. If you want to appreciate their body - don't say things like - I love your abs, your legs are so toned, etc. instead, pass a comment where you don't come across as a crepe. Comments like - wow, you look so fit, you are a great listener, and your personality is quite charismatic, etc. are still accepted and appreciated. 

On that note, dear ladies, what's one thing according to you that guys should avoid doing on the first date? Do let us know about it in the comments below. We would love to hear your opinion.

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