Going on a First Date? 5 Interesting Topics To Impress Your Date

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Dates are exciting and fun, but uncomfortable and intimidating at the same time if you don’t know what to say to your date. Don’t worry, you are not facing this alone, most of us face difficulties starting a conversation and keep it going without any dull moment in between.  Whether you are talking through an online matrimony app or dating app or even during in person meetings.

Nobody wants to spoil the opportunity that they had with the date by asking questions like it is an interview or by remaining silent because of not knowing what to speak or how to start a conversation. With our dating tips, you can impress your date. And to help you, we have listed 5 interesting topics to start and keep the conversation going without any awkwardness, when you are on your first date.

Hobbies and Interests

Speaking to your date about your recreational or pastime activities opens up more doors or even windows for your date to know about you. For instance, if you are a pianist or an active yoga practitioner or an active member in your local pet community, speak about that and let your date speak more about their hobbies as well.

By this way, you are allowing your date to know more about you and this usually goes both ways. Speaking about hobbies and interests is also a great way to get to know each other and there might also be a chance where you both can have the same hobbies or interests which might bring you both closer to each other.


Most people love to travel and explore new places and try different things, particularly different cuisines and cultures. And sharing your travel experiences is a must to have conversation on your first date. You might have had a good or bad experience while travelling and when you are sharing them with your date, there are chances that they might also encounter a similar situation.

For instance, an experience like getting help from complete strangers when left stranded on a desert island is a combination of both good and bad experiences. The entire experience might not happen to your date but there are chances that they would have encountered something similar to this. That is one way of getting closer to date and know more about their likes and dislikes about travelling and other related things.

Favourite Shows/Movies

The next thing to ask your date can be about their favourite movie/series and whether they like to binge watch or not. The digital age and technologies made things easier to watch without stepping out of your home. And this made people sacrifice their sleep to binge watch their favourite series.

Speaking about each other's favourite movie or show helps in keeping the flow of the conversation and reveal more about the personalities of each other. Getting to know the favourite genre of your date like romance, thriller or even horror will help you in understanding the likes and dislikes of the person. And while doing that, you can understand the personality of your date. 

Think of this, when your date also watches the same K-drama series or an anime, you can have another date to binge your favourite series together.

Favourite Book

Speaking about books may sometimes be awkward when you are in a romantic evening or location. But you can still ask them whether they read or not, if the answer is no then you should leave the topic there itself and move on to the next. If the answer is yes, then you can speak more about it.

Speak about your favourite book, author and even a favourite line or quote from the book you have completed. Converse about what genre they like and what book they want to read next. You can ask your date to accompany you for a book fair and buy books for each other. It might sound like a nerdy way to have a date but if both of you like the idea, then you can do it. A trip to a local bookstore could be the perfect date idea if you both like books. 

Favourite Music

Instrumental music while writing a blog or a book, high beat songs when working out or a relaxed one when hitting the bed or putting a baby to sleep; music has always been a great companion to all of us at a certain point in our lives.

Speaking about favourite music is nothing less compared to speaking about favourite book or movie on your first date. While you and your date may appreciate the same sorts of music and may have even seen the same bands or festivals live, learning about the genres and bands that your date enjoys may help you extend your own music palette. 

A first date may be a terrific chance to acquire recommendations for new bands, and talking about music and performances can help the two of you bond. You can chat about the finest (and worse) performances you've ever seen or the performers you'd like to see live.

Hope this list of topics will help you on your first date and help you to make it to the second date. If you can’t make it to the second date, don’t dwell on it and learn to overcome rejections. You can find interesting people on dating apps and even on some matrimony apps as well. Remember for most people the first date doesn’t always end in a committed relationship, so never feel bad when you get rejected on the first date. Cheers!

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