Different Stages Of Dating That Every Couple Should Know

dating tips

Do you know that every relationship goes through different stages of dating? And this is irrespective of whether you have just started dating or being in a relationship with someone for years. Attraction, Reality, Intimacy and Engagement — These are the different stages of dating that every couple goes through.

Every two people before they become a couple go through these stages of dating and during each stage they will learn something new about their partner. And this may be something that will lead to a wedding or to a breakup. 

Want to understand them better? Well, we have explained all the stages of dating below for a better understanding of each stage. The dating tips mentioned about the stages will help people who have just started dating or don’t know much about the stages of dating. 


There is no wonder that attraction comes first in this list, because if you don’t feel attracted towards a person, then probably most people won’t make the next move. Attraction also plays an important role in developing a connection between the couples which might end in a relationship.

There are many chances of meeting someone you felt attracted to on a family function, or through mutual friends or on online dating apps. Whatever the source of the meeting can be, if you feel attracted to a person, don’t forget to make a move. Try to set up a date and get to know them through a date. During this attraction stage, everything seems perfect and exciting. 

This attraction stage might even last for a few months where the couple might engage in conversations through various modes of communication like messages, phone calls or even video calls on the days when they can’t meet each other. They might even go on multiple dates during this time to get to know each other.


After settling up with your date the next stage has to be getting your mind back to reality. During this stage, you will start noticing some weird habits of your date which might irritate you. But this doesn’t make you hate them because during the attraction you might not notice these kinds of things. 

This is also the stage where you will show some physical intimacies like holding hands in public, or might be kissing. Reality stage also helps in getting to know about your date more personally and start noticing some differences between you two, which might not always lead to break up but will create some misunderstandings.

Most relationships won’t pass this stage since witnessing new behaviour from your date might take some time to adapt to. But if a relationship passes this stage successfully it might be a good sign for a successful relationship.


The next stage of dating is intimacy and it involves looking after love which has been nurtured over the months or years during the previous stages of dating. This stage doesn’t always involve physical intimacy, but also about finding the soulful connection between the two people dating.

True love starts to brew only when two people try to make a bond apart from the physical intimacy. This might include sitting together and exchanging experiences about your life before meeting each other which also includes things about dating and previous relationships. 

You can also create a bond by letting your guard down and make yourself vulnerable in front of your dating partner. By doing this you are letting yourself to rely on your partner on particular aspects of your life. 


After the intimacy stage in dating, you will not only agree with each other but also learn to embrace and accept the flaws and differences between you and your partner. This also means you are ready to accept your partner’s goals, dreams and help them to achieve their goals. You might also end up in discussing plans for the future like where to live and to buy a house or an apartment.

This is the stage where you and your partner might be working together for a happy future by making some serious decisions and coming up with responsibilities for both of you. But one thing should always be remembered is that even though you have made commitments for a happy future, this doesn't always promise you a smooth ride. 

Every successful marriage and couples have their ups and downs at some point of life, but they are always ready to make the relationship work at any cost. One thing that a person can learn in this stage is to learn to apologise and learn to forgive, when things go wrong and work together to make the relationship work. Like Chris Rock once said, ‘Two people can move a couch real easy, one can’t’. But this doesn’t mean you have to stay in toxic relationships where it costs your mental and physical health.

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