Dear Men, We Heard You! Dear Ladies, We’re Making Your Experience Manifold Better!


“How will I be able to stand out among the several requests she gets daily?” 

“How am I going to catch her attention?”

“How do I know who has a genuine interest in me among all the matches I got?”

“Who is that person among all the matches with whom I will be super compatible?”

On dating and matrimony platforms, these are some of the common questions that people tend to wonder about. If you are one of those gentlemen and ladies who find yourself staring into the abyss thinking about these questions, it’s time to end your struggle for good. Our product team at Betterhalf has heard your inner thoughts (Ooops, sorry!) and introduced a perfect feature for you... 

*Drumroll please!* SPARKLE

Let us explain to you the core reason behind our idea of introducing this feature. As per our data, a female user receives 30-50 requests per day on our app. And we understand this number might be overwhelming for some, and we don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle. Why? Well, what if this number prevents you from connecting to that person who is meant for you. We cannot let that happen at any cost since we, at, believe in love and matchmaking. The primary intention of SPARKLE is to ensure that nothing, absolutely nothing, comes in your way of discovering your Betterhalf. Also, this feature will make the overall process faster. 

Our fresh features of “Sparkle” will take care of your stress and make the journey of finding your partner smoother than ever. Wondering how all of this works? Well, we will explain for both male and female members.

For Our Male Members:

The ‘Sparkle’ feature helps men users to increase their chances of connecting with whom they are most interested in. You can try SPARKLE and send someone whom you like the most. Once sent, they will see your profile prominently. This feature helps you stay on the top of their connection requests list. Do you see? No more worrying about standing apart! This itself will increase your chances of connecting rather than being lost in between so many other requests.

You can see that when you use Sparkle, it gives you an upper hand to connect with someone you like most. By converting yourself to a Sparkle user, you can be 10x more likely to make a connection and have a meaningful conversation with that person. 

Seeing the value that this feature is providing?

For Our Female Members:

Well, ladies! Someone will send you a Sparkle if they find your profile super compatible. It’s his way of expressing that he thinks it’s worth a shot to connect with you! When someone sends a Sparkle to you, it will sparkle on top of other requests. Now imagine a situation where someone sends you Sparkle, you can know that he is keen and has taken the pain to go through the compatibility factors that match for both of you. Such requests are highly likely to be compatible. Also, we recommend that it would be nice of you to either accept or decline these sparkle requests so that you don’t keep people hanging up. 

With lots of love and gratitude, we give this special feature to you. We hope it will be highly impactful for you. You can access it today on our app and enjoy being a priority in that long list of requests. We recommend you update the app to have the experience of Sparkle. You can download the same from the App store/ iOS. 

We like you to drop any more questions about Sparkle in the comments section below. 

-with love, for love<3

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