Dating Tips to Know What Men Want on a First Date


Want to know what men want on their first date? Well, this article is a guide for the same and the dating tips will ensure you have a wonderful time with him!

The first meeting with your date is always special and we do not want to miss anything for this day. However, they say girls are complicated but guys can be tricky and difficult too. Different men might expect different things on their first date. Many of them can keep you wondering about themselves even after 2-3 meetings. 

But there are a few similarities that work with every guy. So, even if you are clueless about his choices you can follow these dating tips to make him fall for you. Make sure your first impression leaves a lasting impact on him, and you guys end up with nothing less than a marriage!


The humility of a person attracts attention like nothing else. Behave gently not just with him but with everyone around you including restaurant staff, waiters, watchmen, etc. Your rebel ‘I don’t care’ attitude might work negatively for him on the first date and he can lose interest in you.

So, even if you are pissed off about something on your first date, try to resist the anger. However, you can tell him the reason behind your bad mood and discuss it with him. The conversation will highlight your real self and enable you two to connect better.

Dress well

Date or no date, your dressing sense defines a huge portion of your personality. It speaks for you even before you have spoken to someone. So, make sure you dress to kill!

More than often, guys get extremely enchanted and intimidated by looks of a girl. Also, it is the first thing someone notices about you in a first meeting. So, plan your dress for a date as carefully as you will plan it for your marriage. Take time and try multiple dresses before finalizing one to go on your date. However, it is equally imperative to be comfortable in what you wear. It is better if you do not wear anything too revealing or bold on your first date. Keep it simple yet trendy! The guy will sure fall for your elegant look!

Don’t get clingy

Relationships are a license to be anything you want to be while you are with him. But the first date is not so simple. You cannot get too comfortable or clingy with a guy on your first meeting. It might send him a wrong signal and it is not a good sign if you are thinking ahead about anything with him. 

So, it is only better if you behave maturely and have conversations about things in general. However, you can touch his hands or pat his shoulder once or twice during the entire time. This much physical touch is enough to send chills down his body if he is interested in you.

Ask about his interests

Humans often like to make everything about themselves. Meanwhile, if you start taking interest in knowing his interests, he might like your move. You can also ask about his family, hobbies, profession, plans, etc. Let him know about your career plans as well to go on with the conversation. 

You two can identify your common interests and talk about them to spice things more. But make sure it is a both-sided conversation and you are not the only one to talk. 

Insist to pay

Gone are the days when guys were expected to pay for the meals or beverages on dates. Girls these days are equally stable and wish to pay their bills. So, do not expect him to pay by the end of your date. You guys can either split or pay for both as well.

However, do not get too stubborn and let him pay if he insists a lot.

These are a few dating tips that will help you make your date a successful one. Also, you both might end up in marriage together when your first impression is too strong for him to forget!

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