Can Dating Apps Help You Find Love?


This is one of the biggest questions that people mull over. There are ample pre-conceived and established notions about dating. Most people assume that random dates are just a ‘time-pass’ and cannot end up in anything serious. They don’t require a dating coach to reaffirm the statement. 

But it is extremely usual that you go through the same experience if you are already opinionated about dates like this. You might even fail to notice the other person’s effort in making it a meaningful affair. Also, there are various dating applications like Hinge, OkCupid, etc. that have helped people find meaning in their dates. You can also expect the Indian matchmaking website like Betterhalf to fix you with a compatible match. Most serious relationships these days are only starting with a random date.

So, it will be unfair to judge the dating apps for not harboring any serious relationships. Most often, it depends on a person and how he/she ends their date. You can also seek the help of love gurus or a dating coach to determine the quality of your meetings. We want to tell you that dating apps can help you find love. However, make sure that you do these things to maximize the chances of finding true love on a date!

Positive Thought Process

Your thought process works a lot towards getting you what you actually want. If you have already decided in your head that nothing serious can come out of dating apps. It is more likely that the same will happen on your dates. However, if two people are actually looking for meaningful meetings or serious relationships, nothing can stop them from finding true love. It might take some time, but they will find it eventually. 

So, it is better that you have a positive outlook all through the registration process and also when finally meeting the person of your interest. Also, it is not mandatory that you only fix dates through online dating apps. The Indian matchmaking website is also an effective option to set dates between two compatible people. 

100% Honesty

No serious relationship can start with a lie or pretentiousness. Though it is fine to act cool for a matter of time, make sure the other person sees your real side as well. It is crucial that your dating partner has seen the most of ‘real’ you and falls for what you are. 

You must also tell them all about your previous relationships and make sure you are meeting him/her with complete clarity. Any dating coach will also advise you the same for the beginning of a healthy relationship. The moment you decide to hide something important from your dating partner, you are already choosing to taint the whole idea. However, opening up might take some time but pure intentions are integral to finding true love. 

Respect and Accept

Respect is the original and strongest foundation of true love between two people. Never search for love in a relationship where there is no respect. There are multiple phases in a person’s life. You might like them for what they are but cannot accept their past? You are on the wrong track! 

True love starts with complete transparency and accepting every phase of a person’s life. So, if something about him/her is making you question your choices, you shall immediately move away from them. However, every person including you has gone through different shades of life. It will be unfair to judge or not respect their life choices at a certain point in time. If you both have come past this basic understanding, you can surely find your true love. 

Talk about future plans

We do not discuss our future plans randomly with anyone. Right? So, if someone is doing that with you, congratulations, he/she is trying to get serious with you! 

You can also do the same and talk about your career choices and future marriage plans, if you are comfortable. Such moves will give the love signal to your dating partner and they might also act likewise. However, it is better if you ask a dating coach how to approach someone to hear a sure YES! Their experiences will help you a lot to decide your move. 

So, these are some of the effective points to help you find your true love both through the online dating apps and Indian matchmaking websites. Make sure you follow them religiously to spot your true love at the earliest!

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