Avoid Wearing These 7 Wedding Outfits At Any Cost on a Wedding

Wedding Outfits

In India, just like cricket, movies, and politics, we take weddings too seriously as well. Getting married or simply attending a wedding, a lot goes behind picking the right wedding outfit. And choosing what to wear can be exhausting, and with no dress code or theme, things get a bit more unclear. However, dressing up is always fun, and if you love choosing your outfits way before the wedding, here are six wedding outfits you should simply avoid wearing at any wedding. 

Be it your best friends or cousin's wedding, these things are considered cardinals in the fashion world. And to save you from all the fashion trouble, we have created a perfect list for you. Just follow this sheet of Wedding Dos and Don’ts and you’ll be sorted. 

  1. Dressing Outside the Dress Code: Well, you may not know, but some couples prefer mentioning the dress code in their invites. For example, if the dress code for a wedding function is PJs, the guests need it to follow that as well. And even if there's no dress code mentioned, you must remember that you are attending the wedding to celebrate the love of the couple and your wedding outfit should be in that accordance. Make sure to not dress in long ball gowns for the reception, since that's a bridal wear and it’s always for the bride, for the guys, avoid tux, that's again for the groom. If you are stuck, always contact the bridesmaid, and ask them once to get a clear idea
  1. Anything Too Showy or Flashy: NEVER, we repeat, never outshine the bride and groom. Loud, detailed, and sequined outfits are usually for the couple since it's their big day. So avoid wearing too sparkly and glamorous outfits to wedding functions. Of course, you should dress well, but there's a thin line between dressing well and dressing glam. Dressing glam is for the bride, and any bridal wear that will grab all the eyeballs away from the bride is not appropriate. So, wearing shiny or too sparkly things is off-limits. You can still look like a diva by making a fashion statement in minimal bride outfits, so try being subtle for the sake of the couple if not for anyone else.
  1.  White & Red Bride Outfits: Unless you are the bride, these two colors are off-limits for you. All the hues of red and white belong to the bride, since it's her DAY. So make sure that you opt for anything but these colors. The bride deserves to stand out at her wedding, and it's only fair to let her have the moment by wearing stunning white gowns and heavy bridal wear. And not only white and red, if you are not a bridesmaid and attending the function as a friend or guest,  make sure to know which color the bridesmaids are donning- you would want to avoid that color as well.
  1. Say No To Skimpy Dresses: Yes, we know you love fashion, and for the love of fashion, please try wearing something covered to the wedding. No, we are not asking you to cover up from top to bottom - however, wearing outfits that show less skin is always preferred. No, it's not about being orthodox.- To put it simply, you don't want to divert the attention on you from the bride. So avoid wearing outfits with mesh on the side, plunging necklines, etc. For gowns and dresses, don't wear anything too tight or too short. A skimpy outfit will draw undue attention from other guests, and you don't want to intend that. 
  1. Don't wear anything too casual: Some people don't like to dress up, and that's completely okay. Unless it's your or some close friend/family's wedding, you don't need to go all out with the outfit-however, wearing something as casual as jeans and a tee combo for the wedding is not acceptable. It's not only inappropriate but  also disrespectful to the couple who has invited you with love and affection. So if you don't want to wear something showy, wear something basic, but please dress up according to the occasion. Don't go all out like others, but simply wearing a Kurta or adding a tie to your shirt will definitely make a lot of difference. 
  1. Avoid wearing too much makeup: You want to look pretty at the marriage, and that's completely understandable, But when it comes to makeup, avoid using bold lip shades and eyeshadows . A bride always does heavy makeup, and she must  look different from the rest and  well in the pictures. And keeping that in mind, you must keep the makeup subtle and ensure that the attention is solely on the bride and not on you. We know makeup is quite essential in weddings- however, avoid anything bold if you are not the bridesmaids, bride's sister, or some close relative. 
  1. Don't wear uncomfortable shoes: A wrong shoe can not only spoil your mood but can also spoil your look. Wear the shoe keeping the location, weather, and landscape in mind. You don't need to struggle or suffer in stiletto heels, so make sure that you pick your footwear, keeping your outfit and location of the wedding in place. If you are wearing something short, you can team it with heels or if you are wearing a long skirt or a gown, consider wearing wedges or flats. 

Well, if you are attending a wedding soon, now you know what to avoid. We are asking  this so that you can look good without stealing the attention of the bride and groom on their special day. If you think there are many other things  people should avoid wearing to weddings, please let us know in the comments below. 

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