9 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

Imagine exchanging vows with a scenic beach sunset in front and the musical waves in the background. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that's what the magic of a beach wedding is. With skies changing their colors momentarily to the whiff of fresh air slowly caressing your face, there's something about beach weddings that makes them so romantic and dreamy. And if you have always wanted to have a beach wedding,  here are eight things  you must consider before planning the beach wedding of your dreams.

Consider these eight things before finalising a beach wedding so that everything takes place without a hitch. And you get enough time to enjoy the wedding you have always dreamt of. 

9 Things To Consider While Planning A Beach Wedding 

  1. Type of the beach: Now you may think, what type of question is this, but trust us, this is the most necessary question for a beach wedding. There are private beaches exclusively managed by resorts. And then there are public beaches  accessible to anyone and everyone. So while planning a wedding, you would want to keep the beach to yourself and surround yourself with people you love and not with passersby. Make sure that you speak to the property owner, ask them about the beach, and if it's a public beach, you can ask them to reserve an area for your wedding. 
  1. The Noise Is Good But Not Always: Yes, there's nothing more romantic than exchanging vows and swaying to the tunes of the waves while watching the perfect beach sunset, but when it comes to weddings, it can get a bit annoying. So, make sure to have the sound system set  playing some mellow tunes when you take the vows. Your event planners will suggest these things, but then it's always better to put them across. 
  1. Special Permit: Yes, the beach is a free space, but when it comes to organizing a wedding on the beach, one has to take a defined set of permits. Properties that come with the beach sort the permits for you- however, make sure you are involved in the permit process. For some beaches, you need permission for music, people, alcohol, etc. So make sure to understand the cost for the same and other essential factors. It's vital to be in the loop for these decisions rather than to be sorry later. 
  1. How Will The Guest Reach to the Location: Accessibility is the key to every wedding. From toddlers to senior citizens, people from all age groups attend a wedding, so ensure that the beach where your wedding is taking place is easily accessible by everyone. For some beaches, one needs to trek and walk a bit to reach the main spot. However, with wedding outfits and footwear, that might not be convenient  for everyone. So while choosing the beach, keep all these things in mind.
  1. Narrow Down Food Storage Options: Beach is romantic, beautiful, and scenic, but sometimes, having a meal on the beach can be a bit bothersome. Hence,, if you have a buffet at your wedding, choose the dishes wisely so that they don't get spoiled. Arrange for proper storage for the food, beverages, and the wedding cake so that one can enjoy it even after 2-3 hours of the wedding. Food wastage is a big NO, so only arrange for the dishes that you know will be consumed by all. 
  1. Wedding Timing And Weather: Try planning your beach wedding in the early morning or evening at sunset so that everyone can enjoy the setting without melting in the heat. Irrespective of the weather, the beachside is always a bit humid than other places, so make sure that you pick the right timing for the wedding processions. Besides, research about the weather, ask the locals about it, before finalizing the wedding venue. All this will help you stay prepared for both the best and the worst. 
  2. Say Yes To Plan B: Even if you plan everything meticulously, you cannot ignore the fact that nature follows its discourse. So make a plan B, in case your beach wedding cannot take place due to a calamity or weather conditions, you can still be at peace and get married with the love of your life. 
  1. Decor Should Go With The Beach: The best thing about planning a beach wedding is that you can keep the decoration minimal, and still have a fairytale wedding. Ask for the decor that complements the beach - sophisticated candles, pretty flowers, lights, and lanterns are good enough for a beach wedding. However, the weather is moody, and you cannot control that, so make sure that the decor can handle gutsy waves. Keep some adhesives and other things handy to fix things. 
  1. Choose The Wedding Outfits Wisely: Dreamy long gowns with subtle hairdos and makeup sound perfect, but in actuality, there are multiple things that you need to consider before finalizing the marriage outfit for your beach wedding. From the length to the type of outfit, consider all the factors before picking the right wedding outfit. Besides clothes, choosing the correct footwear is again a must. You cannot walk wearing high heels on the beach, so you can opt for flats while entering the beach, and just before the function, you can wear heels for the pictures. 

Beach weddings are romantic, and with the correct planning and necessary arrangements, you can have the wedding of your dreams. Ensure to plan every detail meticulously, involve your parents and friends so that they are in the loop too. And lastly,  enjoy every minute of the wedding since that's essential as well. And if you think there are some other things that one must keep in mind before planning a beach wedding, please do let us know. 

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