8 Ways To Store Your Bridal Lehengas Rightly After Wedding

Bridal Lehengas

You have had the wedding of your dreams and the dreamy romantic honeymoon with the love of your life, and now it's time for you to get back to your daily life. What's the first thing you'll do? Meet your friends and fam? Plan another getaway soon? Nup, you must take care of your bridal lehengas first! The bridal outfits you wore for the wedding have so many memories attached to them, especially the bridal lehenga that you chose for its intricate detailing and stunning design. And it's your responsibility to ensure that your wedding lehenga is stored carefully since you not only have memories attached to it, but you have also paid a lot for it. And we are here to help you with that right away. 

Here's your perfect guide on storing bridal lehengas after the wedding! Follow these eight steps, and we assure you, you are  sorted. 

Follow These 8 Steps While Storing Your Bridal Lehengas Post Wedding 

  1. Send The Bridal Outfits For Dry Cleaning: Yes, you haven't spilled anything on the bridal lehenga, but it will need some dry cleaning. You cannot wash a heavy bridal outfit like your regular clothes at home, so getting it dry cleaned is a must. And you shouldn't delay this process since storing the lehenga without dry cleaning will discolor it after a while, and the whole essence of the outfit will go for a toss. And you surely wouldn’t want that! From sweat marks to some stains, you need to get them all out, so make sure that you send them for dry cleaning as soon as you are back from your honeymoon or before going for one. 
  1. Get It Ironed: When you give it to  dry cleaning, ensure that the bridal lehenga gets ironed well before you pack it and store it. Ensure the laundry removes all the visible creases and packs it in nice paper while sending it to you. And if you are planning to iron it at home, do it with light hands and place a muslin cloth on the lehenga while doing it so that no damage is done to the embroidery and other details. 
  1. Do Not Hang Your Lehenga: Hanging your wedding lehenga looks quite aesthetic, and yes, looks great in the pictures. But that's only good for the picture. However, when it comes to storing the lehenga, make sure that you fold it and not hang it. A bridal lehenga is super heavy, and if you hang it - the outfit might lose its shape over time. So to protect the shape and the look, fold your lehenga when you store it. 
  1. Muslin Cloth Is A Must: You have worn this beautiful outfit at your dream wedding, and it should be your priority to store it safely. And for that, using a muslin cloth is a must. Bridal outfits are delicate, and muslin cloths help greatly in protecting them. So while storing your bridal lehengas, make sure that you wrap them in a soft muslin cloth. It is essential to do so since the cloth will protect your outfit from moisture, and help it remain in good condition.
  1. Invest In A Sturdy Cardboard Box: Dear brides, you must keep in mind that your bridal lehengas should be stored away from the light to protect the colors. So, instead of keeping it in a cloth bag or covers, make sure your lehenga is stored safely in a good quality cardboard box. And while getting the box, ensure that it's acid-free cardboard and wrap the bridal lehenga in the muslin cloth while storing it. 
  1. Keep The Box In The Right Place: You wore it at your marriage, and now you will treasure this lehenga till you live, so it's necessary for you to store it in the right place. Make sure that your bridal lehenga is kept in a place where the source of direct sunlight is minimum to let your lehenga’s beauty intact. . You can store the box in a trunk, place it under the bed or inside your closet- but make sure that it's kept safely. Don't keep it at the random spot where there's too much dust or humidity. 
  1. Keep The Insects At Bay: The last thing you want to see on your bridal lehengas are a couple of mosquitos or insects. And to ensure that you save the bridal outfits from insects, store them in a pest-free space. And while placing the muslin-cloth wrapped bridal lehenga in the cardboard box, add some cloves, lavender sachets, or naphthalene balls to it so that it's store insect-free. 
  1. Give It Some Air Periodically: The last and one of the most important steps is to take out your lehenga once in six months. It is necessary to follow this so that the fabric can breathe, and there's no smell in it. And once you do that, make sure to re-fold the lehenga so that if there are any creases, they go away. 

Well, dear brides, we hope that you find this detailed guide useful. Make sure to use these steps while storing your bridal lehengas because the last thing you want is for them to get spoilt because of your negligence. So follow these steps, and if there are other steps that we haven’t mentioned and you want to share with us, feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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