8 Funny Questions You Must Ask Your Date


Dates are often fun, memorable and one can really take away a lot from it. Some successfully turn into beautiful relationships like matrimonial, while some are just a couple of inconsequential dates with no future ahead. Either way, there's something about dates that make them  extremely special and memorable. The butterflies in your stomach when you meet someone for the first time or the nervousness while picking up the location or choosing the right dress to impress - let us tell you, it's all real in case you'd have other ideas. And amidst all that, some people tend to get way too serious on the dates. And dear serious bones, we want to tell you something - loosen up. Dates are supposed to be enjoyed, and you need to start doing that too. So, ask funny questions about your date, lighten the mood, and we are sure you will have one fun time. 

Now, if you are wondering how you can be funny on a date without sounding wrong, immature, or offensive,  here are 8-questions for a date that you must ask on your next date. So bring out your notebook and pen, time to make notes is NOW! PS: if you are already planning a wedding in your head with your date, these questions are for you. 

8 Funny Questions To Ask Your Date Next Time

  1. Best Wifi Name: We live in a world of technology, where Wifi is everything. And while traveling or working from remote places, one thing we always come across is Wifi. So you can start the conversation by asking - What's the funniest Wifi name you have ever come across? Trust us, some answers will certainly stun you. Some people take their Wifi name seriously and end up naming them something that others can only laugh about. So this funny question can be a perfect laughing point for your date too. And if the person appreciates your humor, then a wedding can be a possibility in the future. 
  1. Instagram & Reels: Instagram Reels & TikTok are undoubtedly a huge deal now. We will not admit it, but all of us are kind of obsessed with it. So every time you find your date checking their phone, pop a funny question by asking if they are watching reels. Ask them - So, how many hours do you spend on Instagram? What kind of channels do you like? The point of asking these  funny questions is not to embarrass your date but to break the ice and talk about the trends and your favorite reels. And if all goes well, you can even make a reel together on some trending music and use real cool filters. Let’s get famous together! You can maybe joke and tell them that you will create fun wedding content too for the marriage. 
  1. Are You Married?: If you are someone who enjoys dry humor and wants to ensure that your date is comfortable right from the start, ask them - ‘So, are you married?’ It's one of the many funny questions, and if your date appreciates the humor and goes along with it, you can surely see yourself with this person in the future. We are sure you would love to be with someone who can laugh at your silly jokes. So take your first date on a humorous ride with you to see what the future holds for you both. Making jokes about marriage on your first date can be fun at times. 
  1. Grossest Dish Ever Eaten: We millennials love to try everything and anything under the sun. And thanks to the trends, the food industry comes up with some crazy things daily. Be it Fanta Maggi or Oreo Pakoras - you never know what's next. And this is the one question you must ask your date - What's The Grossest Dish You Have Ever Eaten In Your Life? Trust us, the answers will surprise you. PS: Ask them if they would want to keep Maggi Ice Cream as a dish on their marriage
  1. Funniest Lie You Told As A Kid: As kids, we tend to lie about things that don't even matter to adults in the real world. And if you have lied about your homework or lost a tiffin box in school, then surely you understand what we are talking about. And to take things with your date on a funny level, ask them this funny question - What's the funniest lie you have told in school as a kid? It's not a great conversation starter, but you will come to know more about their childhood. And this can be a gateway for you to know your date better. 
  1. Most Embarrassing Thing You Did In Life: As kids, there are a plethora of embarrassing things that we have done, and it's time to relieve the same with your date. So as one of the funny questions, ask them - What's the most embarrassing thing they have done in their life? From memorizing songs to impress the crush to accidentally tripping on animal poop - the answers can be really funny. And dates are meant for fun! 
  2. Famous On Instagram Or Winning Oscars, Your Pick: Well, as funny as it sounds, being famous on Instagram is a huge deal today. So as one of the funny questions, this one should be on your list. Just ask them - Would you rather be famous as a social media personality or win some prestigious award? Trust us; your date will have some real fun answers for it. 
  3. One Trend You Have Been A Part Of: When it comes to trends, we all chase it for some or the other reason. Now, be it a fashion trend or something that seems hip, we all have done things to stay relevant. So ask this funny question to your date: What's one thing you have done in the name of trends? From eating Maggi with curd to wearing super ripped jeans at the workplace, we are sure there are some crazy trends all of us have been a part of. 

So, if you are prepping for your first date, stop doing that and prepare some funny questions instead. Talking about weddings, how things are funny, etc. These funny questions are not only great ice breakers, but you will also come to know a lot about the person you are gonna be with. You can either use these questions or come up with some funnier ones - the choice is yours. On that note, have you ever asked a question about your date, and how has the reaction been? We would love to know more about it in the comments below! 

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