7 Things That You Should Never Do on a Date

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The hardest thing to do on a date is not to mess it up. Believe it, nobody wants to get rejected by their date. What are the chances of you getting rejected on a date? Even though we don't know the answer, we can tell you that certain things’ll make your date reject you. You might have found the person on a dating app or on some of the best matrimony app available online.  Following are the 7 important things that you should never do on a date if you don’t want to face rejection. Remember these dating tips when you are going for a date and lower your chances of getting rejected by your date. 

Being rude to staff

Never be rude to staff, whether it’s your first date or second, or even fifth. This is one of the worst ways to act on a date (and anywhere else too) and lose the respect of a person. Your behaviour is seen in how you treat someone with respect. This is the only way to earn respect. This behaviour is more than enough for your date to decide your behaviour and whether they want to continue the date or not.

Not being a listener

You might be a complete extrovert or a chatterbox who likes to talk non-stop. But when you are on a date, giving some space for your companion to speak will do good. After all, you are dating a person only to find out more about them and move on to the next stage of a relationship, right?

But if you are not giving any time for the other person to speak there is no way to find out about the person. Then no possibility to move on to the next stage of the relationship as well. Being a good listener will help you to understand more about the other person and get to know them much better and might end up in a marriage. This will help you to decide whether the person matches your vibe or not. If yes, you can move on to the next stage of your relationship. 

Talking about your ex

Talking about your ex on a date is a must avoidable one. Even if you want to cuss them or want to share how you feel for them, this is not the right place or time, or person. Your date doesn’t come to spend time with you to hear you talking about your ex. They came to spend time with you and to explore a new experience and to find a partner for their wedding. Never spoil this by speaking about your ex with your date. Nobody likes to hear about ex stories on a date. Period. 

Not Valuing Time

Be it your first date or nth date, never go/come late to date unless you had any valid reason. Being punctual is a good habit that’ll help you in many situations. This also tells the other person that you like spending time with them and your date is more important than other things. Unless there are any hard situations for being late, you are showing them that you are prioritising them above other things. Even if you are late, try to be honest with them. They might understand and still go on with the date.

Bringing a third person 

You are going for a date, not a gathering. So don’t bring anyone with you even if they are very close to you. Parties are the best place to celebrate and spend time with your friends and family, not a date. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t always meet your date. 

You can introduce your date to your friends and family, once you two understand each other or when you two set up a sense of trust. Until you made up to this point or are planning to have a committed relationship, try to avoid a third person on the date.

Using phone 

Keeping an eye on your phone often is a big no on a date. For instance, you are sharing the best memory with your date and you found them staring at their phone. What will be your reaction? Getting angry, right. Remember this when you are checking your phone when someone is speaking to you. 

Keep your phone away when someone is speaking to you and this will make them want to talk to you. When you are not using your phone, you will give your complete attention to them and this will create a good impression about you. 

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use your phone during the entire date night. You can check when both of you are not speaking or occasionally. When it is something important, politely ask them to pause for a moment and check your device.

Keep it personal

You are not in an interview, so don’t make it professional. Try to keep it personal. You can discuss only a little bit about your work and the person you hate in your office. Don’t take it to an extent where they ask for an excuse to divert the topic. Instead ask something personal such as their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, about their childhood or even their favourite music, movie and book. 

Many other things can be added to this list, but trust us avoiding only these things will help you in moving to the next stage in a relationship. But if you are someone looking for an interesting person to date, you should try some of the best matrimony apps or dating apps in India.

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