7 Things Couples Should Do Together Daily For A Happy Relationship

happy relationship

Getting into a relationship takes time, but more than that, having a happy relationship, even after wedding is a piece of work. Yes, as a couple, you might have some fights and misunderstandings, but the amount of work you put in for the relationship after wedding determines how much you want to work. And you don't have to go all out and do things for your significant other - small acts daily can also help you stay secure and happy with each other. 

From greeting each other daily to ensuring that you spend some quality time with each other daily, there are seven things that every couple must do to have a happy relationship. Wondering what those seven things are? Well, read on, and you will come to know more about it. 

For A Happy Relationship, Do These 7 Things as a Couple!

  1. Greet Each Other: It might sound like a small thing, especially once you start living together after a wedding, but as per the research, couples who greet each other daily have happier relationships. It is so because you are making a conscious effort to greet each other. You are not taking it for granted, which means you are putting effort into the relationship. Greetings don't need to elaborate - a simple Good morning has a great day- to hey, how was your day today is enough to make your partner feel good post marriage. Usually, people take such things for granted, but in a relationship, such small things also go a long way for couples.  
  1. Laugh Together, Daily: No matter how bad your day has been, if you can end the day by laughing with your partner after the wedding, you are in a happy relationship. You can either laugh at a lame joke cracked by your partner or at something that happened at your workplace earlier. Make it a habit to laugh with your partner daily. The point here is that you know however bad your day has been, in the end, you have someone to laugh with daily; that’s an essential part of relationship chemistry, which you should work on. 
  1. Compliment Each Other Daily: You don't feel like yourself daily. Some days you are chirpy and confident, and on some, you are dull and down. Hence, having a partner post marriage who makes you feel good daily is a blessing. So couples, start complimenting your partner daily! Follow this ritual, especially after the wedding. It doesn't need to be a big compliment - a small one like I love what you're wearing, or this color suits you, etc., is enough to make their day. And once you start complimenting them daily after marriage, you keep learning more about them, which keeps all the negative energy at bay. Besides, you boost their morale while they do the same for you, which translates into a happy relationship. 
  1. Sleep At The Same Time: When you end your day together, you start feeling closer to each other and this is necessary after marriage. You can read a book or watch a movie and fall asleep together or simply talk to each other before sleeping. It only increases the sense of security in a relationship, but the chances of being physically intimate also increase, which is almost always good for your relationship. Don't think only from the physical intimacy point of view, also think that before you sleep, the last person you see or speak to is the love of your life, and you will have a happy goodnight sleep. 
  1. Stay In Touch Throughout the day: No, we are not saying to chat with each other 24*7 - what we mean is to stay in touch with each other at regular intervals. You can ask your partner questions like - how's your day going so far, or did you have lunch? Such questions will show your partner that you're thinking about them, it will not only make them feel secure, but if they are having a shitty day or you are having one, you'll know that the other has got your back. Understanding the worth of each other is quite necessary for a happy relationship, especially after a wedding. 
  1. Have You Time Daily: The key to every happy relationship is the fact that you get to have one-on-one time with your BAE daily. Make sure that you spend quality time with your partner without distractions for at least 15 minutes. It will not only help you engage in deeper conversations, but you will also strengthen the bond between you two after marriage. Make this a priority and do it daily without fail since it also shows how important nurturing your relationship is. Also, don't make this look like an obligation, do it because you both want to do it with all your heart. Even if it’s 10-minutes, it’s fine, don’t set time for it, because that will be more like work than an effort that you both want to make. 
  1. Help Each Other With Chores: A happy relationship is one where couples do all the chores together. Be it cooking, cleaning, or washing dishes, ensure that you don't let your partner take all the pressure post wedding. Help them, this will not only make them feel appreciated, but you two will also have some extra time with each other while doing the chores together, which again is great for the relationship. If you two can balance your work life and chores together,  there's nothing much to stress about in your daily lives. 

On that note, what's one thing that you and your partner do daily without fail? We would love to know more about it in the comments below.

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