7 Signs Which Tell You That He is Your Mr. Right!


Mr. Right! A person with whom you find yourself comfortable, compatible, and most importantly, calm. To put it simply, someone who is Mr. Right can be your betterhalf! And we are hearing that you have cracked the code and found your Betterhalf. Well, congratulations to you!

But here’s a thought. If you look at the rate at which we crave instant gratification nowadays and our struggle with the ever-going FOMO, don’t you think there is someone else with fewer flaws and more perfections out there? Well, we are sorry to give you second thoughts about your Mr. Right. It is completely natural to have such thoughts because marriage is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions of your life, after all.

If you have found your Mr. Right, we want you to be sure; if you haven’t, we want you to have one. So, we assure you that we come with good intentions irrespective of your situation. That’s why we have curated a few signs that will tell you if he is your Mr. Right or not! Here’s a checklist that, we hope, can help you with your life-changing evaluation. Let’s jump to it without wasting any time.  

Unconditional support

One of the major signs to know that he is the right one or not is the way he gives you unconditional support. If you have found someone who encourages your personal growth, supports your dreams without questioning them, and makes you realize your true potential, sister, he is your Mr. Right! A compatible betterhalf will not make you feel like an ‘Abla Naari’ or a damsel in distress but will help you remind how strong you are just by being yourself. He will be with you through all the thicks and thins of life. He will always be there for you because he wants to be there for you not because he thinks you will feel weak without him. So, hold strong to someone who provides you unconditional support.

Powerful communication

See, when two people are in a relationship, it’s okay to have disagreements with each other. However, at the end of the day, your Mr. Right/Betterhalf should respect your views instead of attacking them and you should also do the same. And differences indeed lead to fights between people. But as long as your betterhalf is not showing any form of disrespect, differences can be managed. Constructive communication is the core foundation of your entire partnership and you should not compromise with it at any cost. If he is the right one for you, your rapport with him will feel natural, not forced or planned or something imposed on both of you.


You know that marriage is an alliance between two compatible partners. And although you both are two different individuals in your own right, you will have to sail through the water in one ship for a lifetime. That’s what marriage and companionship are all about. But you cannot ensure smooth sailing when you both want to head out in different directions. If your betterhalf is not on the same page when it comes to your core values, thoughts on life, visions, dreams, and goals, the chances of your ship sinking are quite high. If there is something you want to do and your Mr. Right might not agree with it, talk about it right then. Leaving practicalities to the last minute is not sensible — For you as well as for your relationship.

Level of comfort

As we said in the introduction, how comfortable you are with your Mr. Right speaks volumes about your compatibility. Do you feel comfortable meeting him when you’re in your pyjamas, without any trace of makeup or vanity? Can you tell him about your closed secrets without any fear of judgment from him? Can you cry beside him comfortably? Can you imagine him standing by your side with a smile and holding your hand while you’re in the labor room? (Though, it doesn’t happen in India. But no harm in imagining :P)

If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then he’s a keeper for sure! Don’t let him go!


Without effort, there is no relationship. At the core of it, love and marriage are all about giving without expecting anything. Does your Mr. Right, ask you to text him when you reach home? On a bad day, does he stay up a little longer at night to hear all your rants? Will you expect him to nurse you when you’re ill? Will he go to the extent of planning a special night for you on your birthday? If you’re sure that he will do some of these things, if not all, this is a sign. As they say, a good marriage is built, and not served to you. Without effort, nothing lasts. The effort is literally, everything.

Personality traits

When you like someone, you like many aspects of that person. Personality traits are one of those things. We agree that nobody is perfect, but habits build a person. If he is as disciplined as you’d like him to be? Is he respectful and kind toward others and himself? Does he have empathy? These are some questions that you should ask before making your final decision. If there are some traits of your betterhalf that you don’t like, ask yourself if you will be able to live with them forever.


Well, this sign goes with saying. Does he respect your parents? Will he stand up for his wife (you) whenever and wherever needed? Does he want to have children in the future? We are not saying that everyone should have children. Although, you should know beforehand about his views on planning a family because as mentioned earlier, alignment is key. Your visions need to align otherwise things won’t work. So, talk about these things in detail before deciding on marriage.

If he is indeed you Mr. Right, time will affirm your belief in him, now and then. If he isn’t, it is always better to be safe than sorry. But we hope these 7 signs will surely help you make a better decision.

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