7 Points to Confirm if He Sees You as His Betterhalf

5 Signs If a guy likes you

They say girls are complicated. But have you ever noticed how weird a guy can get if he likes someone? It is a real task for a girl to find out if the one she is dating on is also dating on her back. However, it is simpler for the one who gets proposed for marriage or where the guy genuinely accepts his admiration for the girl. But that is not always the case.

Gone are the days when young ladies waited for their crush to initiate a love proposal. Today, women are taking charge of their lives as they wish to lead their life from the front. They are now shattering taboos and do not hesitate to ask out a man. But again, it can be embarrassing to face rejection from anyone. So, you need to make sure that a guy shares equal interest as yours. Here are a few points which will help you make an informed decision before moving any further.

  1. Changed Body Language

Body language says it all. If you are looking for the best suitor in your crush, pay attention to his body language. He might be nervous or more conscious around you, but he will also be leaning toward you at times. Many guys also like to stare at their love interest when she is looking somewhere else. So, these are some of the common body language shown by the men in love.

  1. Develops Similar Interest

It’s a natural human tendency to adapt to the likings of people they like. So, if a guy is considering you for marriage, he will most likely tend to develop similar interests as yours. However, you must start noticing closely if he is agreeing to your statements or hobbies more often than usual. 

  1. Introduces You to His People

Girl, he is seriously in love with you if he is taking you confidently around his people. Most of the guys avoid meeting publicly or find it awkward to introduce a girl to their parents. However, if they do, there is no looking back for them and absolute ‘marrying type’ for you. Propose to him today even if he has not asked you out yet! 

  1. Share Moments with You

Time is the greatest possession one can offer to you. So, even in this era of Netflix, FIFA, and tons of workload, he is making time for you, you know what to do. However, you must notice if the conversations between you two are effortless or monotonous to understand his genuine interest. 

  1. Observe Small Changes

Girls like themselves to get noticed all the time. But only a genuinely interested guy will notice every small detail about you. For example, if he is asking you about your new earrings, cute pair of shoes, or slightly changed hairstyle, go for him. You cannot get a better marriage material than this boy.

  1. Compliments You Often

However shallow it might sound; girls like to get complimented a lot. Your wanna-be betterhalf will always know that and shower you with compliments. You might find him adoring you even on the days you don’t feel good about yourself. He will always try to make you feel special and beautiful about yourself.

  1. Visible Jealousy

Jealousy is not always a negative trait. Sometimes, it takes a genuinely devoted person to get jealous or insecure about you. So, you might notice even a tiny-tiniest amount of affection from some other guys will make him visibly jealous and cranky for a while. If you are sensing any insecurities along with some of the above-given traits, he is the guy for you!

Choosing a betterhalf might be a lengthy and tiring process. But it often starts with a little crush. However, every other guy who has a crush on you cannot be your life partner. So, a girl must do a detailed filtration process to find out the best suitor for themselves. The above-given points will help you with the same and any guy settling to these points is the only one for you.

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