7 Dating Tips for a Successful Second Date

second date

Congratulations on making it up to the second date! This is the time when you will share much more personal information and reveal your true self. You are on your second date only because both of you liked each other on the first date. But second dates are not an assurance for a third date or wedding. You still have a long way to go for a successful date thereafter or wedding. We have some essential dating tips for your second date to get more dates after this. 

Want your Second Date to Be Successful? Follow These Tips!

You can get more dates after your second one if you follow these tips carefully. Do check!

Make it Different from the First Date

Since you had a successful first date, you might want to repeat the same thing you did on the first date to play safer. But never make this mistake. 

Because taking your date to the same place won’t allow you to learn anything more about the person. You will end up talking about the same topics if you visit the same place again. On the other hand, if you take them to a different location, you get the chance to talk about various things. For instance, if you took them to a Chinese restaurant on the first date, you can take them to a movie or an Italian restaurant or taste wine in a vineyard. 

A small change in the location might give you chances to learn more about the person from a different perspective. You made up to the second date, don’t stay in the same place, move ahead and make it to the wedding. 

Pick a Place of Similar Interests

Speaking of the place, try to choose something of similar interest. This will increase the bond between you and your date by learning more about similarities. It can be anything like a bowling alley, library, escape rooms (if you both want some adventure), etc. 

Remember the things they shared on the first date, about their likes and dislikes. And try to find a perfect date location of similar interest. By doing this, you are letting them know that you care about their likes and dislikes. This will get you a chance for your third date or even a serious relationship or wedding. Make the second date more personal and generic compared to the first date.

Greet them with a Hug

Since you know your date already, you can greet them with a smile and hug or even a small kiss on the cheek (make sure to take consent before doing this). And this is one of the best ways to start your second date. A little intimacy like this will help ease the tension and make you both relaxed. 

A hug and a cute little kiss on the cheek will tell your date that you like them and make them feel special. But if you don’t want to risk things, you can still greet them with a smile and a hug.

Get a Bit Personal

Since first dates are more about easing the tension and beginning the journey to get to know each other. During the second date, you can ask some personal questions to get to know each other better. 

You can discuss some good memories with their friends and family, and personal goals that you want to achieve. You can also discuss their opinion on weddings, matrimonial sites, and other wedding-related topics. But remember to keep it short, because speaking about it for a long time makes the second date a bit serious. Follow up with something that your date mentioned on the first date that they didn’t complete.

But No Speaking about Your Ex

You can get personal but speaking elaborate about your past relationships is not recommended even on the second date. Second dates are the right time to know about the relationships you had in the past. Even your date might want to know about it and bring up this topic only when they ask or skip it. Because if you bring up the topic of your ex, your date might think that you’re still thinking about them.

When they ask you to share about your past relationship, never reveal everything or speak wrong about your ex. Speaking wrong about your previous relationships or partners will create a negative impression about you. Instead of cursing your ex, tell your date about some basic facts like how long the relationship lasted and how it ended. These basic details are more than enough for your date to know about your past relationships on the second date.

Mention something Interesting from the First Date

Never forget to bring up things from the first date. It can be about anything from the topics you have discussed on the first date. This way you are showing your date that you actually listened to them and always give importance to their words. It will give them a good feeling of being listened to by someone which might be a great sign for a serious relationship(or even for a wedding).

By proving to them that you are a good listener, you are making them share more about their things. Because people like to share more things when they feel someone is listening to their words.

Give Compliments

Giving a genuine compliment is a great way to win someone’s heart. You can give compliments about their physical appearance, also remember to compliment more about their personality or character. 

Because when a person is looking for a serious relationship or a perfect person for a wedding; they would like to know how you understand them from their hearts, not from their looks. Still complimenting about the physical appearance is okay, but focusing only on that is not good.

Follow these important steps on your second date to make it to the third one and maybe up to your wedding. But keep your expectations lower than the first date. Since you’ve tried some different things on the second date, the chances of making it up to the third date are uncertain but not zero. 

Happy Dating :)

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