6 Ways To Deal With Your In-Laws In A Happy Marriage


You are getting married to the love of your life and  having the wedding of your dreams. And while you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with the person you love, there are other members that you have to spend your life with too. And they are your in-laws. Post-wedding, being on good terms with your in-laws indicates a happy marriage. And while some people struggle to maintain a great camaraderie with their in-laws, others naturally do it. 

So, if you are someone getting married soon, and the stress of dealing with your in-laws is already bothering you,  here are six ways that will help you deal with them. Yes, you might have your share of difficulties, but with patience & time and by using these tips, you will definitely have a great bond with them. Read on, and you can thank us later.

6 Ways To Handle Your In-Laws In A Happy Marriage

  1. Make An Effort: Post-wedding, you cannot expect your in-laws to love you like their child instantly. You constantly have to make efforts before and after the marriage. Help them with chores, take them out on lunch with your partner, talk to them about their likes and dislikes, help them with the work and be honest with them. Even if you don’t fully understand the family dynamics, try and be a part of it. We are sure your in-laws will acknowledge your efforts and will welcome you with open arms. And while you get to know them well, make sure that for a happy marriage, they know you well too. 
  1. Work On Boundaries: Healthy boundaries are a must for every relationship, and the one you are trying to build with your in-laws is no different. And when it comes to a happy marriage, you must talk about everything you feel with your partner openly. If some things make you uncomfortable - be vocal about it so that you can work on it as a couple. If you aren't comfortable with your partner's mother asking you questions all the time, talk to your partner and set some boundaries for it. Or if your partner doesn't appreciate your mother interfering in your post-wedding matters, talk to your mom and set rules there too. 
  1. Learn to Deal With The Differences: You are getting married, and post-wedding, you will leave your house to start a new family with your partner and their family. And while transitioning from one household to another, you also need to realize that your parents will be different from your partner's parents, and comparing the two will do no good for anyone. Every person is different, and once you understand this, you will start making more efforts to know your in-laws well. Don't expect them to be your BFFs immediately- you have to work on your relationship with them, and we are sure you will fare well. 
  1. Respect The Relationship: You may be from a family- where everything is casual and chill, and your parents are more like your friends. And while that is great, you cannot expect the same from your in-laws. The key to a happy marriage or any relationship for that matter is always mutual respect. Post-wedding, you have to respect the way your partner treats their parents and let them be. Your partner might have to ask for everything he does at home to his parents, and while that may bother you for a while, understand that it's okay and learn to cope with it. 
  1. Don't Take Things Personally: The key to every happy marriage is adjustments; some you make, some your partner makes. And in this process, try to avoid certain things. If your in-laws tell you something that you don't appreciate, don't take it to heart. Your relationship is fresh, so you will need time to work on it. Like you and I, they are bound to make mistakes too, so give them a fair chance and let them understand you better. Understand their point of view and where they are coming from- we are sure you will be able to formulate a better relationship that way. You should remember that every relationship needs work, and with time and effort, this one will work out well too. 
  1. Communication Is The Key: For a happy marriage, one thing that you need by all means is communication. You need to communicate with your partner to ensure that both of you are on the same page. Be honest about your feelings with your in-laws, share how you feel, what you think, etc. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but with sincere communication, you will easily bridge the gap. If something bothers you, don't leave it there - talk about it and try to fix the problem. The way you worked on the relationship with your partner, you have to work on the one with your in-laws as well. 

Adjusting to new people and different situations post marriage can be a daunting task. But when you try to adjust- give the benefit of doubt to others and willingly work on the relationship, you end up building a happy marriage. On that note, what’s one thing that you think your in-laws love about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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