6 Ways To Build Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

emotional intimacy

Intimacy is a vital aspect of every relationship and yes, this also includes marriage. And when we talk about intimacy, physical intimacy in a relationship is absolute, but equal weightage should also be given to emotional intimacy. Since with emotional intimacy, you not only have a better understanding, but it strengthens the physical intimacy with your partner. And if you are someone who is trying to build emotional intimacy in the relationship, here are six ways that will help you get that intimacy with your partner. 

Try these ways, and we are sure with time, you will get to that point in your relationship, where intimacy with your partner will not be an issue, and you will be more secure and happy in your relationship with your better half even after marriage. Since the key to every happy relationship is a balance of both emotional and physical intimacy. 

These 6 Ways Will Help You Build Emotional Intimacy In Relationship 

  1. Learn New Things Together: From cooking to swimming, diving, yoga, or dancing - try and make it a point to learn something new with your partner. And this should not stop even after marriage. It not only lets you experience new things together, but also brings you physically and emotionally close. You try to think alike, connect emotionally, especially after the wedding and thereby become emotionally intimate with each other. It helps you build a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and understanding. 
  1. Cooking Together: After a long tiring day, when you cook with each other, you bond, share your day's highlights and learn to share more with each other. Cooking is not only great for physical intimacy since it's known as one of the Turn-Ons, but it's also great for emotional intimacy because you try to learn more about each other through food choices. And once you start cooking together, you look forward to spending more time together daily with each other, cooking meals together, and building intimacy in the relationship. For the couples who don't know how to cook much, start by taking cooking classes together, slowly you can start preparing meals together. Once you start doing this, you will definitely look forward to doing it daily. Plus, you also break the stereotype that women should be the only to cook after marriage. 
  1. Cuddle Daily For Five Minutes: Cuddling is not only great to build physical intimacy, but it's powerful when it comes to building emotional intimacy. You feel closer to each other emotionally when you cuddle and develop a sense of security, and comfort that strengthens the bond. You release feel-good neurotransmitters - dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins, which are responsible for making you happy. The physical touch represents closeness, helps you feel loved, completes you, and makes you feel secure. Furthermore, it also helps you have a good night's sleep and even better dreams. And you wake up happy and with a glow on your face, even after 10-years of marriage. 
  1. Working Out Together: You don't need to be a health freak couple to work out together- you can work out together and motivate each other to be healthy and attain each other's fitness goals. Besides, the fitness aspect; working out together also helps build emotional intimacy in a relationship, since it helps you connect with each other's struggles and goals, which in return, makes you trust your partner even more. Choose a Zumba class or go for a brisk walk- you will not only reconnect by spending quality time with each other but also release good levels of endorphins. Endorphins will put you in a happy state of mind and enhance emotional intimacy. This will specially help you after the wedding, when you try to adapt to new things. 
  1. Talk About Your Feelings: As couples, we usually tend to display our affection the best way in a physically intimate setting- while that's great, you must also focus on building other forms of intimacy in a relationship with your partner. Focus on the emotional intimacy aspect, talk about how you feel about each other, how you want each other, how you see each other in various situations- this will not only help you connect emotionally, but such talks will also ensure that you and your partner are on the same page emotionally. And this one aspect shouldn't be ignored even after the wedding. Initially, talking about your desires and feelings might seem a bit difficult, but trust us, it will strengthen your relationship and nothing else. 
  1. Acknowledge Each Other Always: Yes, you acknowledge your partner's happiness and grieve, but you also have to learn to acknowledge their frustration, emotional distress, and their bad days. Learn to be okay with the fact that they are in a grumpy mood, realize that they need space, and give them that. Sometimes, you need to consider it without the other saying it out loud, and when you learn to do that, you automatically connect on an emotional level. So to ensure that you build that emotional intimacy with your partner, learn to acknowledge their silence, anger, presence, and absences. It's all about building that emotional bond to feel secure, and you must work on that. And follow this even after for a happy and healthy life. 

Once you start acknowledging each other, try new activities and learn to talk about your feelings, you will be in a calm and blissful place where it's not only about physical intimacy - but it's also about emotional intimacy. Remember, physical intimacy can never last forever, but emotional intimacy can, and if you think that you and your partner are great in bed but are a bit emotionally distant, then you know what you need to work on soon. 

Do you think emotional intimacy is equally important as physical intimacy in a relationship? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below. We would love to know your views on it!

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