6 Tips To Create A Perfect Profile On Matchmaking Apps

Matchmaking App

Finding love, whether offline or online, is not as easy as it sounds. One has to make an effort to put themselves out there in the best possible way to find their betterhalf. And with different matchmaking apps launching practically daily, it has become all the more essential to be authentic and put your best selves out there. From choosing the right picture to writing a bio that speaks about you, a lot goes behind making the perfect matchmaking profile. 

And if you are planning to create a profile or work on the one you already have, here are seven things that you must keep in mind to create a profile. These tips will not only help you showcase the real you but also initiate the conversation.

Tips To Create The Perfect Profile On Indian Matchmaking Apps

  1. Choosing Right picture is The Key: Choosing the right photo is always the first step. And it should be a shot that not only defines you as a person but also your personality. So try choosing at least five to seven pictures. Ensure that they are clear, in focus, and speak about you. Put a full solo picture, avoid putting group pictures, and pick ones that have a story. Images should talk about you. So if you love hiking, choose a pic from one of the hikes you have been to and if you love cooking, post a picture of a dish you made. The images that reflect your personality are the most attractive ones. Now, when it comes to selfies, make sure that you upload only one selfie out of five pictures on the profile.  Also, make sure that your selfies are unique and they communicate something about yourself. 
  1. Your Bio Is YOU: On Matchmaking apps, we often judge people by their bio before we even make a conversation with them.  So, to make sure that your matchmaking profile stands out, to be honest in the bio. Don't pretend to be someone you are not; use sentences that act as a conversational opening, be honest about what you are looking for. Express your likes, dislikes, and everything you care about. The point here is to be real. Indian matchmaking can be tricky sometimes, so it is always better to think about your bio instead of writing it randomly. So if you are funny or love humor, add an anecdote or two- the idea here is to make the other person realize that you may be the one for them. With that said, avoid cliches by all means, and you are good to go. Lastly, don’t oversell yourself in the bio, yes your bio should be on you, but you are on a matchmaking app, so make sure that you don’t sound self-obsessed. 
  1. Write About The Music You Love: Well, you may find this a bit funny, but writing about your music choices is not only a great conversation starter, but if the other person shares the same passion for music as you, then the connections are bound to be deeper and better. So while creating your bio, make sure you write about the music you listen to or a song that has struck chords with you recently. You can also speak about a band you follow, add some music puns, etc. Don’t ramble about it ; a line or two is fine on the matchmaking app. The point is here to connect with someone based on the mutual love for music. 
  1. Be Sassy But To An Extent: Being sassy is fun - it highlights the colourful and fun personality you have. However, one needs to know where to draw the line with the sass. Some people can consider being sassy as rude, so make sure that you are sassy only to an extent where people will know it's only for fun. So if being sassy is your thing, make sure to be one but with boundaries. On the matchmaking app, the goal is to show the REAL YOU, so make sure that your matchmaking profile does just that and doesn't give some other impression. 
  1. Give People The Benefit Of Doubt: While creating a matchmaking profile, make sure that while you state your wants and likes clearly, you also tell that you are not expecting the person to be 100 percent perfect. Just like you and I, everyone has flaws. And to put it out there that you are ready to accept a person with flaws is a big thing. So don't hesitate while giving the benefit of the doubt to someone you like - they may not be great with the bio, but having a conversation will help you understand the person better. And you will also realize whether or not you are looking for someone like this on the matchmaking apps. 
  1. Ask Your Friend For Second Opinion: Creating a profile on matchmaking apps is not always easy. And if you are planning to create one, after filling in all the necessary details, make sure that your friend goes through the profile once. Your friend knows you the best, and you can expect them to give you an honest opinion about your Indian matchmaking profile. Plus, it is always better for someone else to read it first before you make it public for the rest. 

So with these tips, if you are planning to create a profile on a matchmaking app, without much hesitation, just go for it and give it your best shot. The idea here is to express yourself meticulously. Besides these tips, if you have some more tips on Indian matchmaking and profiles, or if you have experienced something that has worked well with you, do let us know about it in the comments below.

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