6 Tips To Choose The Perfect Profile Picture For Your Online Dating Profile

Profile Picture

A picture speaks more than a thousand words when it's uploaded on an online dating site or a marriage app. In this day and age of technology, every second person we know has an online dating profile. And with the competition to find the love of your life getting tough with each passing day, it's essential to put your best foot forward while creating your online profile. And while writing a crisp bio, using words that truly describe you as an individual is a must. One more thing that speaks volumes about you as an individual is your profile picture. We live in a world where the first thing anyone notices is a profile picture since that tells a lot about you as an individual. 

Choosing the right profile picture can be a game-changer. And to help you select the best image for your online dating or wedding profile, we have created a guide for you, which will help you create a new online profile on a dating site. While choosing a picture for a marriage app, there are certain things that one must keep in mind, so follow these tips, and we are sure you will have a perfect profile ready. 

6 Tips To Keep In Mind For Choosing Profile Picture

  1. Your Face Should Be Clear: The first and foremost thing that one must keep in mind while choosing a profile picture is that your face should be crystal clear. The quality of the image should be high in resolution, your face should be visible, it shouldn't be blurry and nor should it be heavily edited with a ton of filters. The person viewing your wedding profile should see your face clearly. So, make sure that you upload a picture where your face is visible and not the one that gives too many aesthetic vibes, since such pictures look good on the gram but not on an online dating profile. 
  1. Don't Put Group Pictures: We totally understand the fact that some people are not comfortable getting solo pictures clicked, and hence while updating a profile picture on an online dating site or a marriage app, they tend to upload a group picture. Now, there's nothing wrong with a group picture - however, using it as a profile picture makes no sense. Tell us how will the person viewing your profile recognize which one you are? So if you are not comfortable clicking solo pictures, get at least one clicked for your online dating profile. A solo image helps the person understand who you are and what you look like. No, it's not about the looks, but it's also about whether you and the other person will look good together or not. 
  1. Choose Pictures That Describe You The Best: We all are individuals and have the traits that make us different from the rest. And to ensure that your unique quality comes out well on your online dating profile, choose something that describes you the best. . For example, if you enjoy hiking or camping, choose an image of you sitting atop a mountain. Or if you like dancing, you can pick a nice pic of you dancing. The idea here is to give out more details about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies through the picture.- However, while choosing such images, make sure to keep the center focus on yourself and ensure that the picture is of good quality. 
  1. No To Selfies: We are a selfie generation. There's nothing better than a selfie for us. And while selfies look on point on social media platforms, they may not be the best bet for your online dating or wedding profile. Hence, while choosing a profile picture, make sure that you avoid picking a selfie by all means. A selfie doesn't look good as a profile picture of your online dating profile. Pick an image that extrudes confidence, the one that shows more of you and less of all the filters. Pick something full length with good lighting and shadow. And while you avoid choosing a selfie, also avoid using pictures that are dark or clicked in a low-light  set-up. 
  1. Be Yourself: Back in the day, people used to pose, dress up and present themselves in a certain way to get a picture clicked for their online dating profile. However, nowadays, it's all about being authentic - being yourself. So when you choose a profile picture, make sure it speaks about how you are as a person. It shouldn't be fake, artificial, or made up; it should be raw and authentic just like you are. The more real your picture is, the more people, viewing your profile, will connect with it. So the golden rule here is - Be Yourself, and the rest will follow since today people appreciate that the most. 
  1. Smile: Don't upload a serious profile picture since some people don't appreciate much seriousness on a dating site. So, you should always upload a picture where you are smiling naturally since there's nothing more beautiful than a natural smile. A smiling picture can also say a lot about your personality. So make sure that you upload a picture where you are all smiles. Besides these tips, remember to be authentic, true to yourself, and have fun. 

So, if you are about to create an online profile soon to make your wedding happen soon, make sure that you follow these tips while finalizing the profile picture. These tips will not only come in handy to you but following them will make you understand the importance of having a good profile picture on an online dating site or a marriage app. So do follow these tips. And if you have more such tips in mind, do share them with us in the comments below. 

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