6 Things Every Bride-to-be Should Remember While Shopping for Wedding Lingerie

Wedding Lingerie

As a bride, shopping for a wedding can be a daunting task. From selecting the perfect bridal outfits to choosing the hair and makeup that goes well, shopping for a wedding is a painstaking process that stresses brides the most. And while the outfits, accessories, and shoes are always taken care of well, it's the wedding lingerie that brides need to focus on too. We get so involved with other wedding preps that we tend to take this particular thing for granted. And if you are going to be a bride soon, here are six things that you should keep in mind as a bride before going for wedding lingerie shopping. Read on, keep these tips in mind, and we are sure they'll come in handy to you. 

Things To Keep in Mind While Shopping For Wedding Lingerie 

1. Try The Lingerie

Just because it looks good and sexy, it doesn't mean that it's comfortable too. So before finalizing the wedding lingerie, make sure to try it once. Take one piece of your wedding outfit with you while going lingerie shopping; this way, you'll understand how it looks with the outfit you'll be wearing at your wedding. The idea here is to make sure that the intimates you choose not only look appealing but provide the right kind of support and comfort. So don't shy away from spending an hour or two while finding the right fit and size. The intimates you choose should be soft and not pinch or fold when you wear them with your wedding attire and other accessories. Hence, trying is a must, and be patient while finalizing the ONE you want for your wedding night. 

2. Consider The Neckline Of Your Dress

 Yes, you want your wedding lingerie to look the absolute best, but there are other factors that you need to consider as well. And one of the major factors that need to be considered is if it sits well with the neckline your wedding outfits have. For example, if you are going to wear a backless or strapless outfit for your wedding, you will want to try on something that not only looks chic but gives you proper support and look. And if your attire has a low neckline, then your wedding lingerie will have to be designed in a way where the fabric is not glimpsing through your plunging silhouette.

3. Wear The Wedding Lingerie For A Few Hours

If you are planning to buy fancy undergarments, buy one in a similar version first and wear it for a few hours before making the final purchase. It will help you understand if the material, feel, and comfort is top-notch or not. You don't want any unwanted surprises such as the material biting you because of the sweat or the hooks bothering you when you dance. You have to be comfortable with what you wear; hence it's better to try it thoroughly before investing in something that will add volume to your wedding outfit. 

4. Choosing Colours Wisely is A Must: 

If you think buying nudes and lighter shades is the right way to choose your wedding lingerie, you must know that it's not the right way. So dear bride, your wedding lingerie should go well with your outfit. Keep this in mind, if you are wearing a western outfit, shades of white, nudes, beige, or ivory will go well with it because the attires are usually easy breezy. However, when it comes to Indian wedding outfits, opt for colors like red, maroon, or pink that blend in well with your attire. No matter which color you choose, make sure that it's not even remotely visible on the outside since that takes away the beauty from your dress. 

5. Experiment With Your Wedding Lingerie

If you are someone who loves to stick to the basics and don't believe in experimenting much with your undergarment, then this is your time to do so. Go all out for your wedding lingerie, and experiment with style, colors, pattern, etc. No, you are not doing this for your partner; it's also so you can feel confident, sexy, and bold from within. Your wedding lingerie is so much more than a pair of undergarments; think of it as one of the most vital parts of your wedding attire and experiment with it. From patterns and prints to padding and lining, every garment you choose is different. So don't shy away from trying the non-basic things for your wedding. 

6. Don't Delay The Purchase

Last but the most important tip: As a bride, you shouldn't delay the process of buying your wedding lingerie. You should do it the moment your wedding attires get finalized. The more you delay, the chances of you purchasing anything random increases. When you plan and buy, you not only get time to think, try and test the wedding lingerie but also get a chance to look for a better option if you are not satisfied with the product. So why hurry if you can plan and buy the wedding lingerie in advance. Hence, take this a priority too and don't keep anything for the last moment.

Dear bride, we know planning the wedding of your dreams can be quite a task, and to make sure that everything goes as per plans, write down things and prioritize them accordingly. And while you make notes, don't forget to add wedding lingerie in the notes too. Finding the right wedding lingerie is as important as finding the ONE bridal lehenga, so don't delay it and give it your all before making the final purchase.

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