6 Questions Girls Must Ask Men Before Their Gujarati Matrimonial

Gujarati Matrimonial

Planning a wedding is a big life decision. From choosing the right partner to ensuring that both the families are on the same page for this matrimonial, there's a lot that one needs to consider before taking the final plunge. And while all this is still doable, there's one thing that's of utmost importance that every bride-to-be should do in a Gujarati Matrimonial. You must ask all the important questions you have in mind to the groom before you start preparing for THE big day. If you have a love marriage, then the thing is different, but if you met your groom-to-be on a Gujarati Matrimony app, then here are six questions that you must ask them by all means. 

Read on for all the questions, and ensure that you ask all of them without thinking twice about it. 

Questions You Must Ask Your Groom In A Gujarati Matrimonial 

I Will Work After Marriage. I hope You Don’t Have Any Problem with This. 

Indian society, in general, tends to be a bit conservative when it comes to their daughter-in-law's work after marriage. We agree that not all families are like that, but it's always better to clear this thing before the Gujarati Matrimonial. You may have met the groom-to-be on a Gujarati Matrimony app or via some acquaintance; hence it's necessary to know and understand their school of thought as well. You have worked hard in life, and if you want to fulfill your dreams after marriage, your partner should be supportive and not the opposite. Hence, ensure that you clear the air before taking the final plunge. 

I Eat Non-Veg Occasionally; Is That Fine? 

Gujarati's are usually pure veg;  however, many families are okay if their kids have non-veg outside. And if you are someone who enjoys eating non-vegetarian food occasionally, then it's better to clear this with your partner before the Gujarati Matrimonial. It should not come as a shocker to them post-marriage; hence clearing it before taking things further is ideal. Mostly, people don't care much about it, but some people are strict vegetarians. And if you think that you'll continue having non-veg even after marriage, it's better if you clear this with the groom-to-be and his family. 

I Don't Know The Language

If you have met your groom-to-be on a dating app and are ready to plan a Gujarati matrimonial with him, he should know everything about you. If you are someone who is Gujarati but don't speak the language that fluently, it's okay to clear it with your partner. It's a small thing, but for some people, this is a big deal. Hence, it's always better to clear things before stressing later and troubling anyone with this issue. 

I Don't Want To Have Kids Immediately

Be it Gujarati Matrimony or any other matrimony, it's your right to say things you feel. If you are not ready to have kids immediately after marriage, clear this way before the matrimonial. You may have met the person on the Gujarati Matrimony app or via someone; hence it's necessary to let the other person know who you are and what your dreams are. It may happen that your groom-to-be is on the same page as you, or they have some different expectations; in either case, it's better to clear the air before taking things forward. 

Will, You Be Okay If I Keep My Last Name? 

We are in the 21st century, and just because you don't put your husband's last name, that doesn't make you any less of a woman. However, some people get offended by this thought; hence it's always better to clear such sensitive things. Before you start planning the big fat Gujarati Matrimonial, clear this question with your groom-to-be and see what his reaction is. Based on his reaction, you'll be able to guess how your life with that person will be. 

Do You Have Any Questions For Me? 

Guys look macho and cool, but in reality, they have their share of fears too. And as their soon-to-be betterhalf, it's imperative for you to make them feel comfortable. So at any point, while talking on the Gujarati Matrimony app, if you feel that they are a bit hesitant to ask you things, make them feel comfortable. Let them know that it's okay for them to ask you questions, and you won't get angry or upset. No question is silly, and they can ask you everything they have in mind. However, keep this in place that you will and are not comfortable answering weird questions. 

A wedding is a big deal; hence it's always better to clear your doubts. Don't shy away from asking questions or answering them. Be it the groom or the bride, before planning the big fat Gujarati Matrimonial ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. On that note, as a bride, what's the difficult yet important question you have asked your groom? Let us know in the comments below.

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