6 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Wife


Once you are married to the love of your life, you start living an ordinary life like husband and wife. And post-marriage, one thing that makes every wife happy is when her darling husband gives her something. From her favorite perfume to her favorite chocolate, every husband goes the extra mile to ensure that his wife is happy. And that's also because a happy wife equals happy life. However, while the intention is good, at times, husbands give certain things to their wives that they shouldn't be gifting in the first place. Wondering what those gifts are? Well, read on to know more about it. 

Here are six gifts every husband should never give their wife after marriage. Read this, and you can thank us later. 

6 Gifts Husbands Should Gift Their Wife After Marriage

  1. Self Help Books or videos: Your wife is perfect the way she is, and you should never try to make her feel otherwise. If you think she's stressed off lately, try talking to her- however, buying a self-help book as a gift can never be a good idea. It will make her realize that you think she needs help, and it will worsen the situation. Your wife will also feel hurt that instead of helping her solve the problem, you are giving her a book/video to do so. So make sure that you give her something that will boost her confidence instead of lowering it further. 
  1. A Pet: Adopting a pet and taking care of them is a huge commitment. It's fun, and pets are cute, but if you are not on the same page with them, it makes no sense to have them. So if you want a pet, it doesn't mean that you will give it to your wife. If she doesn't prefer having them at home, don't gift her one. You can buy her gifts that you think will match her personality, instead of gifting something that she may not accept wholeheartedly. So ensure that she wants a pet when you give her one and if not, opt for something else. 
  1. Clothes: We know you want to pamper her wedding partner and make sure she is always happy. However, she is your wife and not your girlfriend anymore. So the gits you choose for her should be good. Hence, you must always avoid gifting clothes to your wife. Women love to shop, it's like their cardio and therapy session, and you shouldn't take that away. Besides, if the dress is too tight or too loose, she will have to visit the store to get it exchanged, which is just an extra hassle for her. So it's better to give her anything but clothes as a gift after marriage
  1. Tickets To Your Favourite Gigs: She enjoys watching cricket with you because she likes to see that happiness on your face when your favorite batsmen hit a six. However- by no means, does she imply that cricket/football is her favorite sport. So if you are planning to buy a match ticket as a gift, trust us, it's more a gift for you than for her. So ask her before buying- because she genuinely might not be interested. Similarly, if you want to attend a concert by your favorite singer, make sure that you are sure that your wife loves them too, or else that ticket and your efforts will go down the drain.  
  1. Not Gifting: The worst gift you can give your wife is not gifting her at all. She may say that she doesn't need anything and is happy the way things are. But don't take that for an answer. You can give her anything you know she will appreciate. From her favorite candy to a book by her favorite author, just buy what she likes, and we are sure she will be happy when she sees the gift. Your wife not only takes care of the house but also handles you well, so it's your job as a husband to take care of all her needs. 
  1. Second-Hand Things: Yes, the first time you gave her your mother's bangle, she knew and understood the sentiments behind it. But it doesn't mean that every time you plan to gift her something, you give her second-hand things. Those things have a sentimental value, but they don't belong to your wife. So if you want to give her a necklace or a ring, get something new for her. Gift your wife something meaningful that will express your feelings towards her. She will love it because not only did you make an effort, but you also kept her choice and style in mind. 

​​Dear husbands, we know if you love your wife dearly and want to do everything in your will to keep them happy after the wedding. However, while doing so, you tend to mess up at times. Hence, keep these above-mentioned things in mind and enjoy a blissful married life.

On that note, what's one gift you gave your wife that she cherishes the most? Share your answers with us in the comments below. 

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